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super foods    &    herbs

      organic milled flaxseed                   antioxidant superfoods                             herbal products             

         org flax seed    ~    anti-oxidant greens   ~  flower pollen    ~  herbs   ~    chaparral (larrea)


mineral supplements

          EZorb calcium                                              

    better calcium ~ liquid magnesium  ~  unique silver


health supporting equipment

 juicers, mills & dehydrators          water purifiers             shower & bath purifiers                          

           juicers       ~         pure water      ~       shower filter     ~     far infrared sauna     ~    FIR Lamp


                ozone generator      ~      electronic frequency protection


                    ozone purifies air & water   ~   chips and pendants to counter EMF


important health specialty items

Antioxidants  ~  Enzymes  ~  G-H3  ~  DMSO & MSM   Oxygen Products

Super Foods  ~  Spirulina  Magnets  ~  Massagers  ~  Rebounder


Menu of Health Concerns


Natural Health Principles



Natural Charm Furniture


beautiful wooden furniture from Ohio's Amish Country



Prepare NOW! - Highest Quality Storable Foods


The World's Finest Organic Flax Seed

organic milled flaxseed


Delicious Greens 8000 - Antioxidant Super Food Powder

antioxidant superfoods



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Natural Gift Ideas

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Purify Water Before Use

Protection From EMF and EMR

MAGNETS for Relief of Stress, Discomfort and Pain



Super Foods     Antioxidants     Organic Milled Flax     Pollen     Spirulina     Herbal Products 

Minerals     Best Calcium     Liquid Magnesium     DMSO & MSM     Oxygen     Vitamins

Calming Stress     Weight Control     Detoxification     Wellness Information


Heart     Respiratory System    Digestive System     Liver     Urinary System

Women's Health     Men's Health     Children's Health     Personal Care Items 


Combat Viruses     Expel Parasites     Natural Pain Relief     Allergies

Tune Your Immune!     Health Equipment     Massage Tools


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Common Health Issues


Why Avoid Flu Shots?


Chaparral (Larrea) to Fight Viruses


Flower Pollen Extract for Better: . . .

(not from bees)


Will You Survive The Changes?

(already in progress)


Be Prepared ~ Store Food & Remedies for Coming Time of Shortage


Advanced Silver -- Nullify Invader Germs -- Non-toxic -- Most Effective Silver


Cordyceps Extract for the Liver, Kidneys, Heart, Lungs, Immune . . .



Are You & Your Family Consuming Rat Poison?

~ Lower IQ, Apathy, Infertility, Cancer ~

Get Deadly Fluoride Out of Your Water!


Are You Dehydrated?

Superior Water Purifiers ~ Low Price

Do You Want Poisons or Water Fit to Drink?

Get the Poisons Out of Your Shower & Bath





Aztec Secret Healing Clay


Far Infrared Ray For Detox and Better Health


Low Prices on Juicers, Super Blenders, Mills, etc.


Why Eat Super Foods?


RADIATION! -- Iodine Protects Your Thyroid


Cell Phone Harm


Essential Oils for Health and Enjoyment


Are You Lacking Magnesium?


Another Crucial Missing Mineral


Non-Toxic All Purpose Cleaning Concentrate -- SAVE!


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Great Gift Ideas from Natural Health Enterprises

~ Protective chips and pendants to neutralize harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from cell phones, computers, etc.


~ Far Infrared Ray sauna for detoxifying and health benefits 

~ Far Infrared Ray table lamp


~ Beautiful wooden furniture from Ohio's Amish country


~ Outstanding water purifiers (as low as $29.95)

~ Shower and bath filters

~ High quality juicers, super blenders, dehydrators, mills, etc.

~ Superior fragrant essential oils

~ Survival Foods for Storage

~ Super Foods



NOTE: We can prepare a coded gift certificate in any increment of $10, which the recipient can redeem with us for purchasing items we offer. The base price is set at $10. The value may be increased to $20, $30, etc. by changing the quantity to 2, 3, etc.

Click here to order a gift certificate, which will be prepared and emailed to you for optional printing or forwarding.

The recipient would then contact us for applying the certificate using the unique code.

Contact us about multiple certificates in any amount.


Wellness Quiz

find out how well you are


The Major Issues of Our Time

Public Poisons

Must Stop GMO Devastation

Toxic Aerosol Sprays In The Sky

Concerns About Vaccinations and Flu Shots

Harm from Cell Phones, Wi-Fi and other EMF & RF


Prepare to Survive The Changes

(already in progress)


Holistic Reality Radio & Blog

with Jonathon Miller, M.A., M. Div.

holistic natural health pioneer

human nature analyst, educator, philosopher, author

Holistic Reality:

natural health ~ perception ~ awareness ~ goodness ~ love

Click here to listen to a recent program.


"The deeper you dig and the higher you climb, the more you will learn."


Jon's eBooks

Jon's music and songs


Membership Buying and Opportunities With Health Products


The Resurrection Plant

springs back to life with water!


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Affiliate Websites:


Every Home Must Have A Food Supply

for Times of Shortage



Click Here for Top Quality Tasty Storable Meals

superior source of freeze-dried and dehydrated foods

 ~ just add water! ~

Soy Free GMO Free No MSG No Aspartame No High Fructose Corn Syrup

NEW! Organic Option Available

the only organic storage food tested for greater nutritional content


NO heavy metals

Prepare for supply disruptions with a substantial supply of highest quality stored foods on hand.



Organic Merchants: coconut flour, xylitol, quinoa, chia, cacao, more


Sea vegetation based nutritional supplements for energy, immunity, and longevity


Detoxify with Superior Zeolite


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NOTE: You can purchase the products presented at any of our websites with confidence of their quality and of the integrity of the companies that provide them.

Contact us if you have a question or comment.

Click here for Jon's music and songs.


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~~ Survive The Changes ~~ Natural Charm Fine Wood Furniture ~~


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