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Larrea-Clear Extract

resistance assistance and relief

If you want to be well, try "Larrea-Clear".

Larrea Tridentata (chaparral)

a concentrated non-irritant extract of Larrea tridentata

the renowned powerful natural herb also known as Chaparral or "Shegoi"


NOTE: At long last a replacement for the original formerly patented larrea extract is NOW AVAILABLE!

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Larrea tridentata, also called Chaparral and "Shegoi", is a desert plant that has been shown throughout Native-American tradition, herbology and medical history to produce significant positive immune assistance and help with pain. 

The historical use of the plant prompted a research and development process that has led to important discoveries about larrea.

Additionally, published research performed at several well-known medical research institutions, such as the Stanford University School of Medicine1, the University of Berne (Switzerland), The Johns Hopkins University2, and King's College London, have demonstrated that chemical compounds present in the larrea plant do possess health-enhancing properties.

People with various immune challenges have sought out larrea.

(Information about yeast and fungi.)


More About Larrea

Larrea tridentata is a shrub, also known as chaparral and "creosote bush", that is indigenous to deserts of the southwestern United States and parts of Mexico. It has been used by many people with various conditions.

The extremely bitter taste of the larrea leaves prevents animals from grazing upon it, and it does not burn easily. It is regarded as one of the most adaptable of all the United States desert plants as it grows in depleted soil and can survive for long periods of time without rainfall.


Other Names For Larrea -- "Chaparral" and "Shegoi"

Native American Indians of the southwest named the larrea plant "Shegoi", meaning "Mother of all plants". They long ago discovered this helpful resource and used it for many conditions from respiratory ailments to arthritis. It was revered as their most important medicinal herb, calling it their "Medicine Chest".

This plant plays a prominent role in the creation stories of the Pima tribe.  They believe that Larrea was the first plant placed on the Earth by the creator, shortly after the planet itself was created.

As it turns out, modern science has, in a way, confirmed the legend of the Pimas. Recently, it has been verified that Larrea is indeed among the oldest living plants in the world.  Some currently living Larrea plants actually started growing about 12,000 years ago, shortly after the glaciers retreated during the last ice age.

Also known as chaparral, the larrea plant has perfectly adapted to survive for many thousands of years in severe conditions that can greatly challenge the survival of a human within just hours. Larrea thrives in desert regions such as Death Valley, the Mojave Desert, the Sonoran Desert and other harsh, dry areas in the southwest U.S. 


History and Scientific Development

Larrea Tridentata is the botanical designation of the creosote bush or chaparral. It is a plant that is indigenous to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. It has been a common health aid among native Americans of the southwest for thousands of years.
Scientific analysis has revealed beneficial phytochemicals in the larrea tridentata herb. These compounds include powerful antioxidants that enhance the body's natural defenses and a substance that assists in combating invaders of the body.

The fact this waxy-leaved bush can thrive in the harsh desert and dominate its neighbors without being eaten or infected is testimonial to the potency of its chemical arsenal.

This desert chaparral plant indeed has something that we can use for better health. Research has identified dozens of special antioxidant lignans and flavonoids in chaparral. They also discovered a powerful antioxidant called NDGA.

"The chaparral (Larrea tridentata) that grows over hundreds of square miles in Arizona and California contains a powerful antioxidant called NDGA (nordihydroguaiaretic acid). NDGA was used to prevent oxidation from spoiling foods during World War II. . . . Chaparral also contains polysaccharides, which stimulate the immune system."

- "Sam Biser's Save Your Life Collection: A Layman's Course in Curing Last-Stage Diseases", by Sam Biser

Tested and Used By Physicians and Athletes
Larrea products have been offered to patients by holistic oriented doctors for the great benefits and relief it can bring. Also a number of sports teams have utilized larrea as an anti-inflammatory for players.
Vitamin C Enhances Effectiveness
It is recommended that vitamin C be taken with larrea for better results. Vitamin C has been shown to improve the benefits from larrea, and reduce any reaction to  irritant compounds in raw larrea.
The combination of vitamin C and  antioxidants in the  larrea help prevent free radical damage from invaders and toxins.
(NOTE: The larrea extract capsules are made with an appropriate amount of vitamin C in them for these purposes.)
How Much & How Long
It would be better to start with just one capsule of larrea, whether the raw herb or the extract, for the first day or two to test whether there will be a cleansing reaction.
If there is an active issue to deal with, up to 4 capsules per day can be taken for a while to get a jump on improvement. Then reduce to 2 capsules per day. 
Concern About The Liver
After allegations in 1992 of liver toxicity associated with chaparral larrea consumption, manufacturers voluntarily restricted sales until the reports were investigated. Following a lengthy review, a panel of medical experts concluded "no clinical data was found . . . to indicate chaparral is inherently a hepatic toxin." In late 1994 this report was submitted to the FDA and the product was subsequently given a clean bill of health.
After comparing the quantity of chaparral consumed each year to the number of product complaints, industry regulators concluded chaparral does not pose a significant threat to consumer safety.
Nonetheless, the raw unprocessed chaparral larrea has some compounds in it that could accumulate in the body with excessive use, causing the liver to work harder.
It is suggested that every six to eight weeks users take a break of a week or so from consuming the raw larrea. It would also be wise to utilize other herbs for cleansing as well as antioxidants and foods that support the liver.
The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), recommends the following statement be put on all chaparral product labels:

"Seek advice from a health practitioner before use if you have had, or may have had liver disease. Discontinue use if nausea, fever, fatigue, or jaundice occurs."

A major advantage of the larrea extract is that these potential irritant compounds have been removed.


Comparison Of Unprocessed Chaparral Larrea With Larrea Extract
Larrea, or chaparral, has been used for thousands of years by native Americans and many others, which is an indication of its effectiveness.

Larreastat was the trade name for the patented extract of larrea tridentata. (This extract was originally called "Virastatin" and later changed to "Larreastat".)

We had sold that product for about 14 years, ever since it was marketed to the public, but it was not available for several years until recently. The patent owner had repeated difficulties getting the LarreaRx products manufactured properly.

At long last a replacement for the original formerly patented larrea extract is NOW AVAILABLE!

The extract is concentrated, and some compounds that are potentially irritating with long term use of the raw herb are eliminated in preparing the extract.

A definitive comparison of the raw whole chaparral larrea herb with the extract has never been conducted. A "rule of thumb" for quantity would be about 2 or 3 capsules of chaparral larrea in place of 1 capsule of the concentrated extract.

People have taken 4 to 6 capsules per day of raw chaparral larrea, or 2 to 3 capsules of extract (spread through the day) for several days if needed. It is suggested that vitamin C be taken with the raw chaparral larrea to both enhance effectiveness and prevent formation of the irritant quinone.

(NOTE: The former Penetrating Spray as well as the Cold Sore Lotion that the LarreaRx brand had are not now available.)

For combating bothersome microbes and ill cells, it is also suggested you consider our advanced silver product, as well as an invader fighting oxygen supplement.

Jon's Experience with Larrea

I have sold the herb larrea tridentata (chaparral) since the late 1970's.

Over 20 years ago a patented extract developed by scientists of larrea was introduced, which eliminated terpene compounds irritating to the liver. This also concentrated the beneficial compounds for a more effective larrea product. It was called "Virox" and sold through natural health oriented doctors.

In the early 2000's, the larrea extract was offered directly to the public under the name "Shegoi", while the doctor version was renamed "LarreaRx”. The company had a lotion and a spray in addition to the capsules.

I distributed this product line from the start, gradually becoming one of the primary vendors of it in the U.S.A.

Eventually the Shegoi label was dropped in favor of “Larrea-Rx” for the line. Then a few years ago the patent owner and his company quit production and closed due to production problems, poor management and legal concerns.

No larrea extract product was available for a few years, although you could still get the raw chaparral capsules. Meanwhile, the patents on the extract process expired.

About a year and a half ago, a new larrea extract product based on the original and the expired patents was produced by a scientist who had benefited from the extract. I helped with this project.

Larrea extract is now available again for the many who can benefit from it. AND THE NEW VERSION IS EVEN MORE POWERFUL! 


More Information

Learn more about larrea extract here. If you have questions, contact us.


DISCLAIMER: The information provided at Natural Health Enterprises and Life Circle Media websites is for educational and entertainment purposes. Statements made have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are not intended for diagnosis, treatment or advice for any disease, nor as a substitute for the services of a qualified professional of any type.



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potent concentrated larrea extract ~ formerly patented formula ~ more potent than original version

Larrea-Clear Extract Capsules Larrea Tridentata (chaparral)

NOTE: At long last a replacement for the original formerly patented larrea extract is NOW AVAILABLE!

The new Larrea-Clear extract is a replication of the original formerly patented larrea extract previously sold under the names "LarreaRx", "Larreastat" and "Shegoi".

It is a concentrated extract of pure, clean, high quality larrea tridentata with irritant compounds removed from the raw herb by special processes.

Each capsule contains 200 mg. of larrea extract from wild-harvested (Kosher) Chaparral leaf and 180 mg. of vitamin C (ascorbic acid from calcium ascorbate). Vitamin C stabilizes and enhances effectiveness of the beneficial compound in the herb.

NOTE: Larrea-Clear is much more economical than the original Larrea-Rx (Shegoi). Larrea-Clear is twice as concentrated, AND there is 4 times as much of the extract in each capsule.

Other ingredients: methylcellulose as an excipient in a hypromellose (vegan) capsule.

The recommended usage is 2 capsules per day, although more could be take for a while if dealing with an urgent bothersome challenge.

USA Orders

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Larrea-Clear Extract, 60 capsules

$49.99 per bottle


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a great combo for resistance assistance


Larrea-Clear + Vitamin O, 4 fl. oz

(Vitamin O oxygen supplement details)

not  $67  

Intro Special - $63.99

1 unit only by 1st Class postage - 6.95 postage


Up to 3 Units only by Priority Mail - $9.95 postage (U.S.A. only)


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IMPORTANT NOTE: At the start of taking either the raw larrea or the extract, it is recommended to use just one capsule the first day or two to test for a cleansing reaction. There could be a feeling of discomfort or other signs of waste materials being eliminated.

If there is such a result, it is considered advisable by those in the know to consume plenty of water and a mild diet, perhaps also using a strong probiotic supplement, a silver supplement, and other herbs and supplements.

CLICK HERE for other help for the immune system.


ORDER Raw Chaparral Larrea

Chaparral Larrea Capsules Larrea Tridentata (chaparral)

Raw Chaparral Larrea

The whole raw Chaparral larrea product we offer is pure, clean, high quality larrea tridentata from a reputable company that has had a presence in the natural health industry for over twenty years.

(NOTE: There is a trace of magnesium stearate mentioned on the label of this product. This is used as an aid in the capsulating process and is considered to be non-toxic. There is an insignificant amount present.)

The recommended usage is 2 capsules per day, although more could be take for a while if dealing with an urgent challenge.

It is recommended that you take 500 mg of vitamin C per day with each two 500 mg. capsules of chaparral larrea for better results.

It is also a good idea to take a break of a week or two every couple of months from consuming raw unprocessed chaparral larrea.

Click here for comparison between the formerly patented larrea extract above and the raw Chaparral.


Order Chaparral Larrea, 180 capsules (500 mg each)


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Canadian Orders

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Larrea-Clear Extract, 60 capsules

$49.99 per bottle

plus $14.85 for 1st Class Mail Intl.

(1 or 2 bottles only to Canada)


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Larrea-Clear Extract, 60 capsules

$49.99 per bottle

plus $29.60 per order for Priority Mail Intl.

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