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Immune System Health

by Jon David Miller, M.A., M.Div.

holistic natural health wellness educator & author

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Help Your Body With Flu, Colds & Other Symptoms

Viruses do not cause diseases, and vaccines do not cure them.

False Disease Theory

Authorities and the media make a big deal out of periodic named communicable diseases threatening us. Many people have died during periods of pandemic outbreak.

Health challenges can be very serious. However, these disease states are not normally caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi. These types of microbes are always present, working inside and outside of us to clean up unneeded waste.

For example, almost everyone has some form of herpes virus present in their system. Have you ever had "chicken pox"? Everyone has candida albicans yeast and billions of bacteria.

Most people are not aware of any symptoms of "infection", while others are occasionally bothered by several. The symptoms happen when the body is out of balance with too much stress and toxins, and not enough nutrients.

Then the microbes go to work to clean up the excess. Inflammation and discharge of wastes through the bowel, urine, the lungs and skin are the natural corrective modalities of the body. The "immune system's" job is to regulate this cleansing process.

If the health condition, the "terrain" of the body is not good, the immune system and elimination  process may not be adequate to meet the challenges.


Immune Threats

Nonetheless, bio-weapon development plus excessive use of antibiotics and "vaccines" have led to meaner strains of bacteria more resistant to antibiotics, as well as weakened immune systems.

MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) is a bacterium that can generate a lethal reaction.

The broad overuse of antibiotics, including adding it to livestock feed, gives microbes more opportunity to develop such resistance.

The miracle "chemical" drugs that we have relied on to fight and control disease for the past 50 years have been coming back to haunt us, with a vengeance.

The perception in the 1960's that we had conquered almost every infectious disease has become nothing more than an illusion.

Scientists have documented cases of antibiotic-resistance since the 1950's, but fears of unconquerable bacteria were drowned in a steady stream of new, more powerful antibiotics.

It has been known since the dawn of the "antibiotic age", in the 1940's, that the more an antibiotic is used, the quicker it becomes "use-less", simply because of natural selection. The drugs do kill most of the bacteria, but the fittest will survive, and pass on survival traits to their offspring, creating even stronger ones.

Notwithstanding awareness of the problem, it is estimated that more than 200 MILLION doses of antibiotics are administered DAILY in American hospitals, and more than 150 MILLION courses of antibiotics are prescribed by physicians, YEARLY to non-hospitalized patients.

The first penicillin-resistant pneumococcus was discovered in 1967, in Papua, New Guinea. It is now the deadliest bacteria in the United States. Over 50,000 Americans die annually from pneumonia involving pneumococcus.

By 1992, another of the "Super Bugs", Enterococci , had become the third most frequent agent involved with hospital-acquired wounds and urinary tract infections, septisemia and endocarditis.

Once categorized as a low-key bacterium, Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci (VRE), has mutated into one of the fastest growing diseases in America, and when it gets into the bloodstream, it commonly becomes a virtual death sentence. Well over 100,000 people die every year in America with hospital-acquired infections.

Since 1978, over 30 previously unknown infectious diseases, have been identified, and new ones are still being discovered. These have appeared hundreds of thousands of serious health problems and hospitalizations, and tens of thousands of deaths.

Many of the old ones, like tuberculosis, are staging a comeback right here in America. There are more deaths from TB now than at any time in history. There is more TB in New York City, alone, than in many Third World countries!

According to Dr. James Hughes, former Director of the National Center for Infectious Disease (NCID),

"We're facing a serious global problem with antimicrobial resistance now, and it affects virtually all of the pathogens we previously considered very treatable. Today, we have only one drug to treat some infections, and once they become resistant to that one drug, we will basically be back in the pre-antibiotic era."


Dr. David Williams, author, researcher and medical practitioner, has warned that,

". . . wave after wave of drug-resistant bacteria will sweep over the planet, killing millions. The onslaught has already begun!"


The threat of bio-weapons has been an ever present danger for many years. Several waves of contagious viruses have been unleashed on purpose.

Engineered viruses and vaccines designed for unhealthy effects that do not prevent anything, can weaken both immunity and health.


"Distress" Is The Disease

Even designer germ weapons should not be a problem for healthy individuals following a natural health wellness protocol.

The reason people are susceptible to illness from microbes is that their immune systems have become weak due to a lifestyle of stress, toxicity, malnutrition and inactivity. The body becomes overly acid and conditions are hospitable to invading microorganisms.

Most of the body’s fluid is lymph, which carries nutrients to cells and wastes away from cells. The lymphatic system can also become overwhelmed with toxins from the common diet and lifestyle, and environmental poisons, particularly if too little pure water is consumed.

Without one to two quarts of pure water per day, the lymph and the blood can become thickened like sludge. Also, exercise and deep breathing are needed to move the lymph fluid along so that wastes can be processed.

How vulnerable are you? The truth is that it depends on how strong, how prepared, and how responsive your immune system is. It is NOT chemical "miracle" drugs that will save you. It will be your immune system with help from natural health modalities that will protect and save you, or not!

It is crucial to build immune system health now and for good. A strong immune system is absolutely needed to handle the immune challenges that are already circulating, with more to come.


(Click here for more information on viruses.)

Click here for details on "COVID-19" (SARSCoV-2).


Immune Support Is Now Crucial

The number 1 threat to our health, and indeed our very existence, is not bombs or mass shootings. It is the threat of out-of-control INFECTIOUS BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS coupled with the weakening of immunity from the effects of bad diet, electromagnetic stress and public poisons.

In addition to minimizing junk foods such as sugar (which weakens the immune system), detoxifying and alkalizing the body, getting good rest, cleaning your hands, and covering your nose and mouth at appropriate times, there are special nutritional supplements that assist the body and provide immune support in dealing with reactions.


Take action now to protect yourself and your loved ones from super germs and designer "viruses".

It is highly recommended that you have some or all of the following natural supportive agents on hand for help when needed.


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~ Click Here for info on larrea extract (aka "chaparral" or "shegoi"), one of the most effective natural agents for helping those with viral, bacterial or fungal inflammatory problems.


~ Click Here for info on "Vitamin O" supplemental liquid oxygen, very effective against germs in the body.


~ Click Here for info on the best advanced silver product. Silver has been used for centuries for effectively fighting invaders.


~ Click Here for info on Lauricidin Monolaurin, a lauric acid compound from coconut oil that assists the immune system.


~ Click Here for info on colostrum, first food for a newborn mammal that builds the immune system.


~ Click Here for info on superior antioxidants, which help counteract the free radical toxins created by microbes, and ease stress on the immune system.


~ Click Here for info on repopulating your colon with friendly probiotic bacteria, a crucial part of the immune system that combat invaders.


~ Click Here for info on an enzyme formula with both protease and lipase, as well as other enzymes.

Enzymes are active agents in the body, helping with many metabolic activities, including digestion. 

Protease, the enzyme that breaks down protein, works on the protein in the outer layers of microbes including viruses. White blood cells themselves use a type of this enzyme to destroy invaders.

Lipase enzyme reduces fat, helping with viruses, which also have lipids in their coating.


Other Immune Support Items

~ Click Here for info on oregano oil.   

~ Click Here for info on clove oil.

~ Click Here for info on olive leaf extract.

~ Click Here for info on Pau D'arco.

~ Click Here for info on echinacea.

~ Click Here for info on golden seal..

~ Click Here for info on parasites and natural help to expel them.

~ Click Here for info on yeast overgrowth and natural assistance to combat it.

~ Click Here for info on vitamin C, an essential nutrient for immune protection.

~ Click Here for info on vitamin D3, an essential nutrient for immune protection.

Those with "autoimmune" problems, can use some of these that do not actually stimulate the immune activity. You may want to check on agents that either work directly on invader microbes or create conditions that are not favorable to them, such as:

silver  larrea extract  ~  oxygen  ~  enzymes  ~  probiotics


"When spiritual knowledge is absorbed, healing forces are also absorbed. Spiritual science is an elixir of life; though it cannot be proved by argument, the proof will be seen when it is assimilated, then applied to life, and health follows."  - Rudolf Steiner

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