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Northern Edge Org Milled Flax Seed

organic milled flaxseed

The best flax seed in the world!


Delicious Greens 8000

antioxidant superfoods

Antioxidant Super Food Mix


Flower Pollen Extract

health help + energy ~ (vegan - not from bees)


Larrea Extract Now Available Again

Larrea Tridentata (chaparral)

(If you want to be well, try Larrea-Clear extract.)


Purify Your Water

Remove Poisons & Microbes From Your Water

Superior Water Purifiers & Cartridges ~ Avoid Bottled Water


Super Foods Nutrition Packs


Advanced Nano Silver     DMSO & MSM


Aztec Secret Healing Clay


Far Infrared Ray Lamps & Sauna

Protection from EMF Items     Magnetic Items


Larrea tridentata, aka "Chaparral"

Herbal Products         The Resurrection Plant


Give the Gift of Better Natural Health.


Natural Health Wellness Learning Module

If you don't like illness, why not prevent or get rid of it?

If you don't like aging, why not lessen it?

information and outstanding resources selected by

Jon David Miller, M.A., M.Div.

holistic social scientist and educator

natural health wellness pioneer

author of the 1970's classic -

Nutrition, Health & Harmony: A Handbook of Natural Health

plus numerous additional books, articles and recordings


The Holistic Principles of Natural Health Wellness

Most health problems are due to the one underlying dis-ease, distress of the organism. The causes are toxicity, nutritional deficiency, stress and inactivity. With holistic natural living, minimizing stress and toxins, illness can be reduced or eliminated.

The principles of natural health wellness are detoxification, life supportive nourishment, exercise and relaxation of tension, including good sleep and spiritual attunement. With help from super foods, herbs, and other natural health aids, good health can be restored.

Detoxify, nourish, exercise and relax. These principles of natural health wellness are greater wisdom for being really well, and an important aspect of the philosophy of holistic reality.

-- Jon David Miller


Aware More Blog-Casts

Alternative News, Analysis & Insight

written and recorded informative posts by Jon D Miller

Listen (8:38): "Holistic Natural Health Knowledge"

"The deeper you dig and the higher you climb, the more you will learn."


Holistic Reality Learning Modules

crucial knowledge needed for the 21st Century

Jon's eBooks ~ Jon's Songs


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