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Aztec Secret

Indian Healing Clay

Far Superior To Other Antioxidants & Skin Masks

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Ingredients: 100% pure Bentonite Clay

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is Bentonite clay from Death Valley, CA, where it is sun-dried for up to six months in temperatures that can reach 134.

Clays have been used for centuries to beautify and refresh when used as a facial mask or applied to problem spots on the skin. Throughout history the use of clay, especially green clay or bentonite, has been well documented.

Over 1800 years ago, Cleopatra used a clay mask from the Nile river and the Arabian desert as part of her beauty ritual. Ancient German and Roman spas used clay skin masks, packs, drinks and other treatments. Many of these spas still exist and use clay even today. The use of clay with apple cider vinegar can be dated as far back as the 16th century. A French priest, Kneipp, used this combination with his natural treatments using clay packs and poultices.

When a spectrographic analysis is done on Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, almost every mineral found on Earth is present.

The unique structure of the molecules in Aztec Secret Healing Clay carry a negative electron charge. This comes from the valance electron count from the specific minerals found in Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay.

Aztec Secret is volcanic ash from when the Earth was formed. It is the foam residue left as the planet cooled. A pure clay vein was formed layered between white sand, near one of the lowest parts of planet Earth.

The clay has a negative charge. Stored poisons and toxins have a positive charge. Bentonite clay also helps counter radiation.

100% Natural

To learn more about clay, look for Our Earth Our Cure by Raymond Dexteit and translated by Michel Abehsera in your local health food store or book store.

Aztec Secret clay is totally safe to use. It is rich in minerals and alkaline in pH with no heavy metals. It alkalizes, detoxifies and stimulates.


Directions For Use

1. Mix Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with apple cider vinegar or water. Shake the mixture until it is a smooth paste with no dry lumps. Add more clay or liquid as needed. For use as a mask, mix 1 or 2 parts clay to 3 parts water or an equal amount. Then let the mixture sit for 10 minutes to soak.

2. Apply 1/16 to 1/4 inch thick layer of wet clay to the face or other areas and let it dry. Drying time varies, but times are generally 5 minutes for delicate skin and 15 to 20 minutes for normal skin.

You will feel a pulling and tightening sensation. Toxins embedded in skin are lifted to the surface by using Aztec Secret Healing Clay.

3. Remove clay by washing with warm water. A slight redness may appear after removing the clay. This is normal and will disappear in approximately 30 minutes.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay removes dirt and impurities deep from the pores of the skin. One pound of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay makes 10-15 clay packs. It draws blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin.


The clay has also been used for bug bites and snake bites, as a deodorant, and in a variety of ways with pets.

Aztec Secret clay can also be used in bathing. Many people have consumed it to detox through the digestive tract.

For topical applications other than as a mask, it can be diluted to 1 part clay to 8 parts water. To retain on the skin, a plastic rap can be applied.


Ten Great Recipes

You should use glass, plastic or wooden bowls and spoons - no metal!

1. Father Kneipp's Original Recipe - Mix equal parts of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with apple cider vinegar (raw, organic is best) in a bowl. Apply to face and/or body and allow to dry up to 15 minutes. Rinse well with warm water only.

Antioxidant Mask - Mix equal parts of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with brewed Green Tea and 500mg of Vitamin C with bioflavonoids (open up a capsule). Apply to skin, allow to dry and rinse. Green Tea is currently being studied for its antioxidant, antibacterial, and cancer killing properties.

Mask/Scrub - Mix equal parts of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with apple cider vinegar. Add two tablespoons of uncooked oatmeal to mixture (you may need to add a little more vinegar or water). Apply to skin and let dry 10-15 minutes. Rub off face - use a circular motion. Rinse off residue.

Sensitive Skin - Mix equal parts Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with distilled water, 1 teaspoon Kukui Nut Oil and drop 5 drops of lavender oil. Apply to skin and let dry 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

5. Foot Cleanse - Mix equal parts of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with brewed Pau d'Arco Tea and five drops of Tea Tree Oil. Apply to feet, especially between the toes, let dry 30 minutes and rinse well in warm water. Or you can blend it in water and soak the feet in it.

Refreshing Facial - Mix equal parts Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with distilled water and one teaspoon lemon juice and one teaspoon minced cucumber (remove peel). If you would like a tingling mask add three drops of peppermint oil to the mixture. Apply to skin and allow 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Honey Mask - Mix equal parts Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with apple cider vinegar, add one tablespoon raw honey. Apply to skin, allow to dry ten minutes and rinse with warm water. This mask is similar to a mask used by Cleopatra in her beauty ritual.

Relaxing Mask - Mix equal parts Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with apple cider vinegar and distilled water (example: two tablespoons clay with one tablespoon vinegar and one tablespoon of water). Add five to ten drops of your favorite aromatherapy relaxation or calming blended oil to the mixture. Apple to face, allow to dry while relaxing in the tub for ten minutes. Rinse well with warm water.

Problem Skin Masks - Mix equal parts Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with apple cider vinegar and five drops of Tea Tree Oil. Apply to skin and allow to dry 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse well with warm water and apply Tea Tree Oil directly to blemish.

Body pack or bath - Mix one pound Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with apple cider vinegar and water, then spread all over the skin or add to bath water and soak for 20 to 30 minutes.


Drinking the Clay

(See the book:
The Healing Clay, Ancient Treatments for Modern Times

by Michael Abehsera)

Allergies (page 68):

The human organism is full of toxins. There is no other way to permanently relieve an allergy and be healthy other than by getting rid of these toxins. For this, people have taken half a glass of liquid clay every morning. Clay poultices on the liver before going to bed are said to help greatly.

Drink a water and lemon juice mixture (half a lemon squeezed in a glass of hot water) twice a day with the clay. Apple cider vinegar and water is also good. Some people combine liquid supplemental silver with the clay for combating invaders. Bentonite clay has also been mixed with coconut oil with good results.

To blend clay in liquid, shake the mix in a closed non-metallic container. Stirring is inadequate to eliminate the lumps.

The molecules are too large to absorb through the colon wall, but the drawing power of the clay attracts toxins to it.

Bentonite clay is a catalyst. It attracts enzymes that attach to the clay to form other amino acids and peptides that deliver various minerals.

People having problems with viruses, bacteria or parasites have appreciated using the clay. It has also been known to reduce kidney stones. Detoxification with clay has helped with many other conditions. Virtually everyone gets a benefit from it.


NOTE: For reasons of liability, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is described on the label as for external use only.





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