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Parasites range from single celled amoebae to 50 feet long tapeworms. Common among them are pinworms, round worms, tapeworms, flukes, toxoplasma, Trichinella, Trichomonas, Cryptosporidium, Giardia lambia, hydra and many others.

There are numerous possibilities of contracting a parasite from food, water, animals or contact with a surface that carries parasites or their eggs. For example, the door handle of a toilet touched by someone who has a parasite.

Now there is evidence that there may be parasite eggs or larvae in geo-engineering sprays and even in "vaccine" injections.

Toxic conditions and undigested food residues in the colon make a hospitable environment for a variety of parasites. They also could settle in the liver, especially flukes.

(NOTE: Yeasts and fungi are parasites of a different type that commonly are overgrown in humans due to excess sugars in the diet and antibiotic use.)

These harmful parasitic agents need to be reduced to a minimum and kept in check. A periodic colon cleanse with an added parasite detox is very important to expel them and maintain good health.

Black walnut hulls and also pumpkin seeds have been traditionally used to expel certain parasites from the body. Artemisia, also known as wormwood, is also known for this, and creates a good intestinal environment for friendly probiotics. Herbs and oils from garlic, ginger, clove and mints are helpful as well.

Paw Paw twigs have been used to help cells regulate themselves when they are in a stress situation such as cancer.

Super antioxidant, turmeric root and olive leaf are always useful in a challenge from parasitic organisms.


~ Information on support for the immune system against parasitic organisms.


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