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It's Time For Being Really Well

by Jon David Miller, M.A., M.Div., holistic natural health educator & author


Maintaining good health is a major issue for each of us. If asked, "How are you doing?", can you legitimately answer, "really well"?

The level of well being is far less than it should be for most people. We deserve to be fully healthy, with minimal stress, but we are being abused with both stress and poisons on purpose.

There is no reason to suffer illness, pain and early death when it is preventable or reversible through sensible natural wellness methods. THAT is the way to enjoy life with plenty of pleasant time to spend with your friends and loved ones.

Why work hard and still have financial insufficiency?

This website presents you the opportunity to learn a great deal about taking care of yourself and your family. With our extensive experience, we can guide you to products and techniques that will benefit you more than other avenues you may follow to help yourself.



Is your life altogether as good as it could be?

STRESS effects us all. Health and financial problems are epidemic. Even if these don't concern you, it is a prime motive of each of us to do what we can to make life better.

There are many possibilities for improving your life offered from multiple sources. How do you know which are worthwhile?

Find simple yet real solutions here.

The concept of wellness, holistic health -- natural health and well being -- has been growing for over 40 years.

Still, the idea has not been presented simply enough, urgently enough or thoroughly enough to reach everyone, or to completely improve the health and life of every person pursuing some part of the whole wellness experience.

Well being includes everything that makes health and life better for each and all of us.

For the most part, that means ideas, experiences and things that are uplifting, supportive, natural, healthy, profitable, harmonious, peaceful, loving, and more.

The importance of the total concept is that it is crucial for bringing human life to the next level -- free, healthy, well-managed, cooperative, ecologically responsible living all around the planet.



Just think about how much life and health have changed in the last 150 years or so, and how rapid the changes have been compared to any other time in known history.

Do you realize that each of us is still reeling from all these changes?



Our minds can perceive the revolution that has occurred in just three generations, but our emotions, thought processes, speech, and physical health have not adapted to the stresses of it all.

What has happened during this period of the lives of our grandparents, parents and ourselves, such as diminished food quality, pollution, addictions, crazy behavior, war and more war, economic dislocation, increasing surveillance, hypnotic mind control and growing tyranny, has had many unhealthy repercussions.

Now the internet, wireless communications, and information overload have brought on an even greater revolution.

Problems and challenges of life throughout the centuries have made it difficult for most individuals to accomplish a sense of well-being and find spiritual fulfillment.

With the conveniences of modern life this should be MORE possible.

However, the rat race attitude of "get what I can as fast as I can", coupled with the distractions presented by electronic media keep many of us from focusing on the more important principle of helping ourselves and others to total wellness and well being.



In a United States study conducted at Indiana University back in 1996, the number of adults indicating that they had felt close to a nervous breakdown was over 26 percent. Altogether about 1/3 of respondents acknowledged that they have had a mental health problem of some sort. Even then there were likely many more than these who were unable to recognize or admit that they had some difficulties? How much worse is it now?

Stress situations are abundant in today's fast-paced society. Deadlines and other time pressures, financial worries, traffic jams and incidents, waiting in line, disagreement, people being mean and obnoxious, the threat of disaster, encroaching tyranny -- these are a few of the common sources of stress.

Financial problems are the greatest source of stress for many people. Those who have ever been unable to pay the rent or mortgage, or received utility shut-off notices or calls from collectors, or been unable to get credit when needed, have likely known anxiety. How about those who are homeless or don't have enough food?

The situation does not need to be that bad to be stressful, however. Like thieves, interest, inflation and income taxes can clean out your wallet without your realizing what has happened. Business and investment losses, debt, being short for meeting bills on time, all are well-known stress factors.

There are reasons why disturbance in relational harmony seems to be the norm. Lack of understanding about how the mind and emotions work and how to best deal with the problems that arise in life, leads to much tension that interferes with people getting along with each other. Issues in this complex area of life include manipulation and control, vulnerability, inability to express emotions, attitude, and problems with communication.

Most people build up tension in their lives from running this rat race -- too much to do, too little time to do it -- not enough money to meet obligations -- pressure from other people -- relationship issues -- and concern about the growing social, economic and political problems.



We are living in an environment of public poisons harming us on purpose. Our food, water, air, medicines, and products used in our homes, have all become vehicles of this poisoning.

Foods contain pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, as well as additives for flavor, color, taste or preservation. Some of the common toxic qualities include: Aspartame, MSG, sugar, chlorine, fluoride, antibiotics, steroids and Genetically Modified (GMO) components.

Nearly every city adds highly toxic chlorine and fluoride to the public water. Additionally it contains chemical contaminants from agriculture, industry and medical waste. Even if you go out of your way to purify your tap water, as everyone should, these chemicals are often in food and beverage products.

Airborne chemicals and particulates are everywhere from industry, agriculture and other sources of pollution.

Geo-engineering aerosols are sprayed in the sky every few days in most areas of North America. This routine spraying of toxic agents in the air from jet airplanes in what is called "stratospheric aerosol injection" has been generating increased respiratory ailments.

The metal salts of aluminum, barium, strontium, thorium and cadmium, some of them radioactive, silver iodide, sulfur dioxide (maker of "acid rain"), sulfur hexafluoride, plastic fibers and micro-crystals, and BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCES, including mold and fungal spores, algae, bacteria, blood cells and insect eggs, that are being released in the chemtrails, are nearly all harmful to humans, animals and plants.

They spray in rural areas as well as cities, contaminating the air, water and ground everywhere with their toxic fog, harming people, animals and plants.

The nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan, has been an ongoing source of expanding radiation since the first earthquake and nuclear disaster there in 2011. There is still fallout of radioactive particles in much of the northern hemisphere. The mainstream media does not report about this.

The Fukushima nuclear plant remains very vulnerable to a even worse release. The rods in storage have been inadequately cooled and need to be removed, which itself is a highly dangerous process. There have been earthquakes as well as a typhoon hitting near that area. There could be a worse event anytime.

The radiation coming our way could increase to an unlivable level. In any case, the deadly contamination in the Northern Hemisphere will continue to accumulate.

Most pharmaceutical medicines are chemical agents that are not compatible with biological organisms. Rather than correct a health imbalance, most drugs block or mask symptoms, while causing side effects that often become problems treated by added medicines. Meanwhile, the body and brain deteriorate.

You and your loved ones are swallowing and breathing many health damaging substances, much of it WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT.

You would have to wear a high-grade respiratory equipment to avoid breathing the nano-particles, and thoroughly clean your water and food to decontaminate them.

When chemical particles enter our body, the body turns on its cleansing mechanisms, and the immune system is put on active duty. So we are in constant alert mode from the great amount of pollutants in our food, water and air.

The long term effects of being regularly exposed to electromagnetic fields such as computers, television, cell phones and fluorescent lights are also detrimental to health.



Nearly all illness, from a slight infection or "cold" to life-threatening cancer, AIDS or Ebola, is at least partly attributable to distress -- either trauma or anxiety. There so many fears and traumas in the average person's life that can contribute to an accumulative effect on cells and tissues.

DISTRESS effects us all. Health and financial problems are epidemic. Distress can be cumulative: pressures building, changes, interactions, threats, taking on more responsibilities, new issues to deal with, toxins, overexposure to electromagnetic fields, fear and so forth. How much can one person take?

Like the weather, the conditions of life can change, gradually or suddenly. You can react to stress on a scale from relaxation to panic. People tend to overreact to problem events or perceived circumstances, or to ignore them or put them out of mind to avoid upset. How you respond determines the level of tension in your muscles and organs.

It is possible to clear the mind of running the routine tape of concerns and worries. By releasing the constant preoccupation with mental chatter such as appearance, schedule, planning, second-guessing your words or choices, and so on, you can be present-minded for what is occurring at the moment, even if it is a challenge that needs addressed.

Some amount of distress is unavoidable. If we learn to look for the good, the lesson, the opportunity in a problem, we can respond to it in a more positive and constructive way. This is especially valuable for an important event or encounter. However, it may be easier said than done.



Relaxing and releasing trauma, tension and the concern for what stresses us leads to a calmer approach to life.

There is a detailed consideration of methods of relaxation on the natural health page.



There are many sources of stress and toxicity living in the world of today. To be as healthy as possible, we need to intentionally learn how and take the necessary actions to relax stress, avoid poisons and eat and drink for health.

Helping each other investigate what is going on and sharing important knowledge improves our potential for well-being.



"Really Well" -- an open-ended concept for improved natural health and well being for each of us and for the world as a whole; . . .

AND myself, Jonathon Miller, holistic natural health educator, philosopher, human nature analyst and author:

"For many years I have been writing articles and books, and teaching about various aspects of personal improvement, wellness and natural health. Now I would like to share the latest life-changing information with you."


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