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Jon David Miller, M.A., M.Div.

holistic educator & author

social science ~ human nature ~ philosophy ~ natural health wellness

minister, singer-songwriter, entrepreneur

Founder of Natural Health Enterprises

Developer of Yeswise Education Service

former high school teacher

former Licensed Professional Counselor

former natural health wellness advisor at a holistic clinic

~ more than 50 years of reality research ~


I have been a researcher, educator, speaker and consultant in holistic natural health and wellness, human nature, personal growth and life improvement since the 1970's.

Through seminars, lectures, consultations, writings, recordings, radio, television and the internet, I have communicated the natural wellness message of stress reduction and better nutrition, as well as personal growth modalities.

I am a native of Akron, Ohio, and the father of four successful adults who were raised with a natural health diet and lifestyle and holistic education.

Academically, I have a Bachelor of Arts (1969) with honors in economics, social science and philosophy from Ohio University, a Master of Arts (1972) in religion with emphasis in psychology (especially the work of Carl Jung), and a Master of Divinity (1973) specialized in counseling, from Hartford International University for Religion and Peace (formerly Hartford Seminary) in Connecticut.

I worked for a church during the grad school period, which was part of a coalition of downtown churches in Hartford. I was running programs for children and young adults in the inner city, plus serving on a church staff. I was listed in the 1972 edition of Outstanding Young Men In America in respect of this work.

In an interesting adventure exploring society and the economy, my unusual array of work experiences have included for varying lengths of time: intern in international finance for officers at a giant corporation, Teamster Union freight dock worker, factory worker, farm hand, actor, professional singer and musician, substitute teacher, math teacher, basketball referee, director of music and arts programs, minister, church youth ed director, professional counselor, holistic natural health consultant, author, speaker, financial planner, business owner, storekeeper, internet marketer, corporate officer, non-profit board president and salesperson (including many various products and services).

Since the folk music era of the 1960's, I have been performing music before many audiences with voice, guitar and harmonica, as a singer and songwriter of mainly philosophical songs about life and people. You can hear recordings at

Over the years, I have been active in numerous organizations as founder and/or board member, including a non-hazing college fraternity chapter, an urban neighborhood children's program, an urban coffeehouse arts center, "new thought" metaphysical groups, a natural foods cooperative, a holistic health center, a community garden project, a publishing company, life improvement seminars, several musical groups and theatrical productions, three health products businesses and several websites.

As a student of social science and human nature, holistic natural health and wellness had become important in my work as I studied yoga, relaxational breathing, iridology, kinesiology, organic agriculture, herbs, nutrition, water, magnetic applications, homeopathy, enzymes and more.

I made my first visit to a health food store for brown rice and sesame seeds in 1968 when I was a college student. By 1973 I was eating mostly natural foods and telling others about it.

I brought natural and organic foods to my hometown in 1975, opening a natural foods store that became the food co-op. Soon I was distributing organically-grown produce to local health stores and restaurants long before certification was instituted. A couple years later, I was co-authoring a newsletter about organic foods and the problems with chemical agriculture and pharmaceutical medicines.

Since writing for several cultural publications in the 1970's, I have edited and published various newsletters: OrganoFarms News (co-editor 1978-1981); Wellness Notes (1981-85); LifeLines (co-editor 1993 to 1997), The SCOOP (a newsletter for Akron's Cooperative Market, 2001-2004), and Natural Health News, an e-newsletter. I have written many articles for

After my first book came out in 1978, for many years I appeared as a guest on radio and television, conducted seminars, spoke at natural health meetings, organizations and conventions all around the country, and published additional articles, books and recordings.

I have met and learned from many of the best-known and respected teachers and leaders in the fields of personal growth, arts, culture, natural health and success, and have actually had face-to-face conversations with some fairly famous people.

In the 1980's I was doing many consultations, workshops and health-related services in holistic health centers, including my own office and store, and at a chiropractic clinic where I was the natural health consultant.

In the early nineties I was part owner of a company distributing water purifiers and our own pollen extract and herbal products. We had a website starting in 1993.

By 1995 the business I started, Natural Health Enterprises, was doing business online, operating since 1999, with and added a little later.,,, and also present various aspects of my holistic educational content.

My commitment is to serving people with helpful information, greater knowledge and highest quality products at low prices to help you improve health and well being.


More About Jon

Jon David Miller, who has developed this website and several others, is a nationally-known author of books, articles and recordings on holistic natural health and wellness, human nature, wisdom philosophy and personal improvement, including:

~ Nutrition, Health and Harmony: A Handbook of Natural Health (1978)

~ Herbs and Iridology (1980)

~ Pathway to Natural Health (1980) (set of 4 cassette tapes)

~ Stress Control (1982)

~ Candida Yeast: The Battle in Your Body (1986)

~ Everybody's Business: A Complete Manual for Success and Prosperity (1997)

~ ReallyWell -- Secrets Of Wellness Made Simple (2003) (eBook)

~ Cell Phone Harm (2006) (eBook)

~ Survive The Changes (2010-2022) (ebook/website - periodically updated)

~ The Conglomerate Empire: A Conspiracy for Control by Crisis, Deception and Technology (2008-2022) (ebook - periodically updated)

~ It's About Time (2009) (music cd)

~ Greater Wisdom (2017-2022) (ebook/website - periodically updated)

~ Holistic Reality (2018-2022) (the philosophy of natural holism - periodically updated)

~ Aware More Blog-Cast (2011-2022) (text and audio blog)

~ Yeswise Education Service (2019-2022) (Holistic Learning Modules)



~ Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics, social science & philosophy - Ohio University, 1969

        special projects & activities:

            ~ intern in finance at executive offices of a major multi-national corporation

            ~ co-founder of a new fraternity chapter committed to academic achievement and no hazing

            ~ Honors College, Pi Gamma Mu Social Science Honor Society, chorus, theater, intramural sports

~ Master of Arts in religion with emphasis in psychology, esp. the work of Dr. Carl Jung (thesis) - Hartford Seminary, 1972

        special projects & activities:

            ~ developed a play group of children in a mostly Puerto Rican neighborhood near downtown Hartford

~ participated in a summer program with seminary students from around the nation living communally and working on service programs sponsored by a coalition of downtown Hartford churches

            ~ organized and operated a coffee house music, arts and discussion program for young adults in the Hartford area

~ Master of Divinity specialized in counseling - Hartford Seminary, 1973

        special projects & activities:

            ~ theatrical experience: acting, directing, performance at various sites

            ~ participated in an experimental alternative church focused on personal improvement

            ~ developed a personal growth "encounter group" of young adults

~ former full-time professional musician

~ former Licensed Professional Counselor

~ co-founder of a natural foods co-operative

~ founder of a center for holistic natural health and personal growth

~ former on-staff natural health consultant at a holistic chiropractic clinic

~ former executive vice president of a natural health products corporation

~ former & current board member of multiple non-profit organizations involved with health, energy alternatives, arts & personal growth

~ former high school math teacher + substitute teacher for all grades in Akron Public Schools and other school systems

~ former church youth education director

~ performing singer, songwriter and musician

~ alternative education in natural health, music, yoga, transformational breathing, holistic learning, iridology, kinesiology, Reiki healing, organic agriculture, herbs, nutrients, water, magnetic applications, homeopathy, enzymes, and more

~ father of four successful, healthy young adults, who were raised with a natural health diet and lifestyle

~ unusual variety of work, educational and cultural experiences enhancing understanding of holistic natural health, human nature, behavior and social organization

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