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Lungs & Respiratory System

The lungs are a pair of organs crucial to survival. Our respiratory system is impaired by pollutants as well as tension. Further, a deficiency of oxygen is at the root of much disease. There are herbs that can help the lungs and improve breathing, as well as supplemental oxygen for better health.

Airborne pollution and particulates are everywhere. When particles enter the respiratory system via the nose or the mouth, the body turns on its cleansing mechanisms, and the immune system is put on active duty. So we are in constant alert mode from the great amount of pollutants in our air.

The routine spraying of toxic agents in the air from jet airplanes in what is called "stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering" has been generating increased respiratory ailments.

The metal salts of silver iodide, aluminum, barium, strontium, thorium and cadmium, some of them radioactive; the sulfur dioxide (maker of "acid rain"), sulfur hexafluoride, plastic fibers and micro-crystals; and the BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCES, the mold and fungal spores, algae, bacteria, blood cells and insect eggs; that are being released in the geo-engineering sprays, are nearly all harmful to humans, animals and plants.

They spray these aerosols in rural areas as well as cities, contaminating the air everywhere with this toxic fog. You would have to wear a high-grade gas mask to avoid breathing these nano-particles.

Also, radioactive particles have fallen in much of the northern hemisphere from the nuclear disaster in 2011 at Fukushima in Japan. The mainstream media does not report about this.

You and your loved ones may be breathing these health damaging substances, and that is WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT.

Similarly, a prime modality of the lab-developed COVID bio-weapon and the series of genocidal shots promoted to the public has been to attack the lungs, heart, brain, reproductive tissues and the immune system.

These intentional public poison attacks are depopulation projects orchestrated by the global criminal cabal that has come to run most institutions and governments

Further, the oxygen level of our atmosphere has diminished dramatically since the pre-industrial era. Trees and plants utilize carbon dioxide and increase the oxygen level of the air. As these plants have been reduced in number, so has the oxygen.

In ancient times, the oxygen content of our air was about 38%, with the carbon dioxide level at about 1%. By now, oxygen is down to about 20% and carbon dioxide is up to as much as 20%. This dramatic change, mostly in the last 200 years, may be the result of the cutting of forests, the depletion of the mineral value of the soil and erosion (reduced green plants), the burning of fuels, and atmospheric pollution.

The situation is at its worst in our polluted cities, where the oxygen level can be below 15%. Further, carbon monoxide gas from the burning of fuels saturates red blood cells so they cannot carry oxygen.

Our lungs need help, with agents to clean and soothe them, and we need extra oxygen.


Herbal Foods that May Benefit the Respiratory System:

Certain herbal foods provide nutrition that helps to support the respiratory system, improving lung functioning.

Mucilagenous herbs such as fenugreek seeds, flax seeds and mullein can soothe and cleanse mucus linings of the body in the respiratory system as well as the digestive system.

Mucilage is a plant material that causes the seed or herb to swell into a more gelatinous form, gentle and beneficial to linings, often with many other nutrients delivered from within it.

Aloe vera and comfrey leaf and root have similar soothing qualities.

Horseradish stimulates the clearing of sinuses.

Stinging nettle leaves, the powerful antioxidant quercetin and the enzyme bromelain, found in pineapples and a few other foods, are helpful to the respiratory system when under stress from inhaled irritants such as airborne toxins, seasonal pollens, etc.


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