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The Kidneys & Bladder

support for the urinary system

The kidneys and bladder, as key organs of the urinary system, are instrumental in removing the wastes of the body's metabolism.

The kidneys process cast off wastes from body fluids and filter urea, ammonia and other toxins from the blood, passing the urine on to the bladder where it is held for expulsion in urination. 

The kidneys maintain the appropriate level of body fluids. They also regulate the balance of electrolyte minerals, particularly sodium and potassium, secrete hormones that keep blood pressure in check, generate some vitamin D, and play a role in red blood cell development.

With all the toxins that the kidneys and bladder have to deal with, they need help.


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- Encourages proper water balance in body tissues

- Soothing support for the kidneys and bladder


Herbs That Help the Kidneys:

Juniper berries, uva ursi, dandelion, parsley, corn silk, dong quai, queen of the meadow, horsetail and hydrangea are all known for supporting the urinary system, as are many other herbs

Juniper berries promote proper kidney function and flow of digestive fluids. They also support the urinary system as it works to maintain proper fluid balance.

Uva ursi has been used for generations for kidney health. It has urinary astringent sanitizing actions and helps support healthy microbial balance.

Dandelion root encourages normal kidney function and contains many minerals important to the urinary tract.

Chamomile contains volatile oils to encourage cleansing action in the kidneys. It is very soothing to body tissues, especially the nervous system.

Goldenseal has both soothing and antiseptic qualities.

Capsicum promotes good circulation.

Ginger root, eleuthero and schizandra help tone the kidneys and other organs.

Queen of the meadow is known for its urinary benefits.

Marshmallow root is soothing to soft lining tissues.

Watermelon seed contains cucurbitacins, which have been shown to possess remarkable properties. Watermelon seed also contains citrulline and arginine, both of which are thought to increase urea production in the liver, thus promoting the flow of urine.

Asparagus contains asparagine, which is a strong diuretic. It may also be useful in helping to flush waste products accumulated in the joints.

Horsetail is rich in silica, a valuable mineral for balancing other minerals and supporting tissues subject to stresses.


Mineral Support for the Kidneys

Magnesium is used by the body to help control the passing of urine. It can be helpful in many cases of bedwetting. Magnesium is also calming of stress.

Potassium helps keep other minerals in solution in the urine, thus helping to prevent hard mineral deposits in the kidneys or bladder.

Help for the male prostate gland.

Help for the female glands.


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