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The Principles of Holistic

Natural Health Wellness

For Being Really Well

by Jon David Miller, M.A., M.Div., holistic educator, natural health pioneer & author

The common lifestyle and diet are not healthy. The term "SAD" has been used to describe the "Standard American Diet".

Illness and degenerative disease are widespread due to intended ignorance, learned helplessness, public poisons, poor nutrition and stress.

There is really only one “dis-ease” -- distress of the organism. Toxins, nutritional deficiency, inadequate exercise and stress cause this distress and subsequent inflammation, which may take the forms of arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, infections, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Preventing disease and inflammation is a process of relaxing distress. Learning and actualizing the principles and methods of holistic natural health can clear illness and restore well-being.


The Principles of Holistic Natural Health Wellness

The key principles of holistic natural health wellness are:

1)  detoxification and avoidance of the toxins from poor digestion, imbalanced metabolism and environmental public poisons

2) nutrition that supports health with organic foods, super foods, high quality herbs, antioxidants and pure water

3) exercise - a mixed routine of body building, lymph moving and aerobic activity

4) relaxation of stress and tension, with good sleep, meditation and spiritual contemplation, while cultivating a positive attitude of improvement, attunement and wellness

Detoxification, minimizing exposure to toxic influences, life-supporting nutrients, regular exercise and calming with good sleep and contemplation, will help prevent most ill health and serve rejuvenation.



Many of us are coming to understand that there are public poisons in our food, air, water, home, car, etc. We have been unknowingly exposed to these most of our lives. They lower IQ, weaken the immune system and harm health.

A thorough detoxification program, including colon cleansing, pure water, and periodic intentional cleansing of the liver and other organs of elimination, dietary improvement, lymph movement and perspiration is crucial to help the cells be healthy.



One of the pillars of good health is eating well. Organically grown natural foods and super foods are the essential selections for eating wisely and building better health.

Conventional thinking focuses on the “balanced diet” of protein, carbohydrates and fats through the food groups, now listed as: proteins (meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, beans, peas), dairy, grains, fruits and vegetables. Few people have been taught in their upbringing about even this degree of consideration about what to eat.

They talk about protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber! Why are vitamins, minerals, enzymes, pigments, phytonutrients and antioxidants not included in the official guidelines? Is it assumed that all these will be present in commercial food at the supermarket?

Natural foods that build health are a combination of organically-grown fresh produce, ideally from one’s own garden, green foods, antioxidants, enzymes, pigments, phytonutrients and minerals from various super foods and herbs, as well as pure water. The immune system needs special support. Extra oxygen, probiotics and other support for the immune system are recommended as well.

Inadequate knowledge has caused epidemics of heart disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes. Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, dementia, Alzheimer’s and more. How can we protect ourselves?

Nutritional deficiency makes us more vulnerable to disease. With the lack of real nutrients in today’s common low quality foods, consuming highly nutritious organically grown natural foods and protective super foods is crucial to good health in a poisoned environment.

Valuable food choices include seeds, sprouts and a combination of fresh organic produce items. GMO and highly processed food products harm health and engender disease. Organically grown seeds, such as milled flaxseed, amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa, alfalfa, beans, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds are very valuable “embryonic foods”. Most of these can be sprouted.

Minerals are essential to the health of living organisms. Deficiency of minerals is common due to chemical agriculture. Minerals are normally restored to soil with well-done organic farming or gardening. Choose organically grown food whenever possible.

Antioxidants, needed by everyone, are special nutrient compounds that counter damaging free radicals and protect cells and tissues from oxidation damage. An antioxidant donates an available electron to a free radical molecule that is missing one. Otherwise it zings around the body searching for and stealing an electron from body tissue, creating another free radical that would do more damage.

Each of us needs to learn as much as we can about how to take care of our health, and to gather the various supplies to do so.

Growing your own food for your household is wise, especially organically grown plants from non GMO, heirloom seeds. Plan your garden ahead of planting time, obtaining heirloom seeds and the soil building materials to grow good food. Meanwhile, you can grow sprouts, lettuce and other crops indoors, or in a cold frame or a greenhouse until the outdoor temp is suitable.

It is important to work with friends and relatives to prepare for issues in food availability and other changes that may be coming.



Take time to exercise. It feels good, and it is very important to your body's functioning well.

There are several types of exercise. Body building with calisthenics, weight-lifting and machines tones the muscles, develop strength and stamina, and gradually bulges the muscles.

Exercise that moves the lymph fluid, which carries certain nutrients in and wastes away from tissues, includes aerobics. Any movement of the body that pumps muscles and stimulates deep breathing helps to move this fluid around.

Aerobic exercise also pumps the heart for toning and strength, while supporting a healthy resting heart rate. Aerobics include walking, hiking, running, biking, swimming, dancing and many sports.

One of the best forms of aerobic activity is rebound exercise on a miniature trampoline, one of a variety of valuable home exercise equipment items.



Relaxation can result from a variety of activities, helpers and interests: exercise, sleep, oxygen (full breathing, time outdoors, aerobics, supplemental oxygen), music, art, reading, fragrances, beauty, exploring the imagination, developing love and intimacy with relatives and friends -- all this can help us to relax inhibiting tension. 

Some ideas and techniques that can contribute to relaxation are:

1) being prepared for upcoming situations, and, to the degree possible, for future problem scenarios;

2) effective time management;

3) clearing unresolved emotions, especially fears, by learning to "go with the flow";

4) deep breathing and exercises that get more oxygen to the cells of the body;

5) massage of the body's muscles;

6) soft and pleasant music;

7) pleasant relaxing aromas;

8) contemplative meditation to clear the mind of perplexing or disturbing thoughts; and

9) putting yourself in situations where there is a high potential for joy, creative expression or sharing a touching moment with someone you care about. This could be a walk, a children's event, a moving performance, or just time with a loved one.

Older children and adults can learn better habits to relax anxiety periodically throughout the day: deep breathing, self-massage, mental breaks, meditation moments and short naps.

The clearing of emotional trauma, pain and tension can bring about the healing of oneself and others of various ailments. This can be administered through placing one's hands on a problem area, and contemplating it getting better or praying affirmatively about it. Afterward, shake then wash the hands to clean them.

Once stress control is understood better, there should be more willingness to risk an improving action. Difficulties encountered in dealing with a challenge will not be insurmountable. Any such new problems can be handled. Stress can be managed, cleared and surpassed. After all, it is least stressful to do what comes naturally -- to move ahead.



Getting enough oxygen is important for all bodily functions. Many of us breathe in too shallow a manner, worsening our oxygen deficiency, which has already developed due to insufficient oxygen in today’s atmosphere. Breathing fully and getting outdoors, especially in the woods or by the sea, as well as aerobic exercise are all very important for health and relaxation.

Regular exercise is relaxing, whether vigorous and “aerobic” (oxygenating), or a simple series of tensing and relaxing muscles step-by-step throughout the body. Aerobic exercise is needed for oxygenation of tissues, and to tone and strengthen the heart.



Good sleep is essential to good health and to performing at your best. This is the time the body does its healing repair work. As Shakespeare put it, sleep “knits up the raveled sleeve of care”. 

Choose a safe, dark place to sleep nightly, which is separate from the areas where you spend your time when awake.  Go to bed and get up at the same times daily. Think about plans or worries in the morning or on the way to work or on errands, not at bedtime.

The body gets its best sleep during the dark hours, a problem for those who work at night. A healthy pineal gland has a natural clock function, set in relation to the sun.  It would function to awaken each of us shortly after dawn if we were not still sleeping deeply from exhaustion. The pineal is important for our imagination and creativity also. It is impaired by intake of fluoride, another reason to avoid that abusive poison.

For those with difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep, when the above relaxation exercise doesn’t help, try supplementation with high quality magnesium an hour or two before bed. If you still have trouble, there is melatonin, a natural hormone in which you may be deficient, that is available as a supplement. 

The herbs valerian root, hops, passion flower and chamomile help with nervousness, anxiety and tension, assisting one to relax. Valerian root is the original source of the compounds used in the calmative medicine Valium. St. Johnswort is known for helping with depression without the side effects of psychotropic. Another option is a homeopathic treatment for calming or sleep. Homeopathic remedies are prepared with a tiny amount of a substance to provide its energy without any toxic or allergic reactions.

Children need a lot of good sleep. Many do not get enough and it effects them in various ways. Establish a bedtime routine for younger children: a bath, a short book, and bedtime at 8 or 8:30 pm with no variance.

Ideally, adults would sleep from 10 or 11 pm to 6 or 7 am. We really should turn off the "tubes" earlier. The TV and computer are not really relaxing. Enjoyable reading, especially an inspiring work, or a pleasant conversation, are better ways to wind down before bed.

Anyone who does not get as much sleep as they need will have a deficiency. You cannot operate at your best with sleep deprivation; and it can be a danger to yourself and others if you are driving, operating equipment or working with tools while tired.

You do not successfully catch up on missed sleep by "sleeping in" on weekends. To restore your diminished "sleep account", lengthen the time of sleep at night. A 30 to 60 minute nap during the day can be refreshing as well.



Take time to focus on relaxing at times during the day. Many insights and creative ideas as well as relaxation come to people who take the time to meditate for 15 minutes or so each day.

Contemplating good thoughts, spending time with friends and loved ones, art, or nature, experiencing beauty or other enjoyment, or listening to pleasant music, are avenues of relaxing the mind.

One possibility is to imagine being in a relaxing scene -- a pleasant field of flowers and grass with a gurgling stream flowing by, and just watch the thoughts flow along like the stream.

Ultimately, meditation is about clearing the monkey mind of distracting thoughts. When thoughts arises, you can just let each one go on down the stream until the mind is calm and open to inspiration.



Attunement with life and nature in reverence for creative awareness is a healthy modality.

Pleasant music, enjoyable reading, good conversation, writing, wonderful fragrances, the beauty of art and nature, and exploring the imagination, all serve attunement. The shared love and intimacy of spending good time with relatives and friends is a great way of attunement.

Limit your exposure to negative news and horrible images on television. Receiving information over the radio or by newspaper, e-mail, internet or phone, allows your mind to create your own thought images, which can be less impacting and stressful. Nonetheless, limit negative exposure from all sources.

Any discussion of stress control today should include a reference to "Feng Shui", a Chinese term for "wind water" implying that everything effects something else. Feng Shui is the ancient practice of arranging the furnishings, other objects and colors in the spaces of one's home to balance the energies pertaining to each aspect of life. 

A room is divided into sectors, each of which  is related to a part of one's life, such as career, relationship, health, wealth, family, the future, etc. The way that certain objects are displayed in these spaces, including their number, effects that area of life. Feng Shui can be quite complex. There are various practitioners available to provide a consultation.

Most important is the cultivation of the spiritual aspect of life-- attending to your relationship with the creative awareness behind all that is manifest.



The principles of the natural health wellness protocol of detoxify - nourish - exercise - relax, are crucial for being healthy and smart enough to navigate a world of public poisons and disinformation.

Educating oneself and raising awareness of others are critical. We need to develop strong community relationships through small support groups working together to learn and plan for making things better. It is especially crucial to stop the dissemination of public poisons and clean up our environment, from home to planet.

To remain healthy and clear minded in a toxic world requires moving beyond ignorant mistaken assumptions to learn detailed knowledge of self-protection with natural health principles. Teaching our children, other relatives and friends about this is essential as well.

Good natural health comes from detoxification of the body, eating a diet of truly natural foods, exercise and relaxation of stress including good sleep. The digestive system may need help with cleansing and to function correctly.

The understanding and practice of holistic natural health is very important for having the energy and clarity for working together to transform our societal organization to one of mutual respect, cooperation, self-fulfillment and expanded holistic consciousness, rather than the divide and rule modality that fosters economic dislocation, confusion, social chaos and war.



Being "Really Well" -- an open-ended concept for improved natural health and well being for each of us and for the world as a whole; . . .

AND myself, Jon David Miller, natural health wellness educator, & author.

"For many years I have been writing articles and books, and teaching about various aspects of personal improvement, wellness and natural health. Now I would like to share the latest life-changing information with you."


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