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Great Gift Ideas from Natural Health Enterprises

(NOTE: You can have any of our items sent to someone else by entering their destination info as the shipping address.)


~ Protective chips and pendants to neutralize harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from cell phones, computers, etc.


~ Far Infrared Ray sauna for detoxifying and health benefits 

~ Far Infrared Ray table lamp


~ Outstanding water purifiers - pure water fit to drink (as low as $29.95)

~ Shower and bath filters - get the poisons out of your shower or bath

~ Superior fragrant essential oils - healthy pleasant aromas with many benefits


~ Survival Foods for Storage - food supplies are dwindling, shortages are coming, costs will rise, power outage is possible

~ Super Foods -- regular foods do not have enough nutrition to sustain health and counter the stress & toxins


~ Resurrection Plant -- "dead" dry, add water and it springs back to life! (while supply lasts)



Give the Gift of Natural Health

We can prepare a coded gift certificate in any amount, which the recipient can redeem with us for purchasing items we offer.

Contact us to order a gift certificate, which will be prepared and emailed to you for optional printing or forwarding.

The recipient would then contact us for applying the certificate using the unique code.


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