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by Jon David Miller, M.A., M.Div.

holistic natural health educator & author

Anti-Aging Help

It does not really matter what your chronological age is. The question is how do you look, feel and perform? Your biological age can be younger or older than your chronological age.

Aging primarily results from a disturbance in metabolism. As we approach middle age, the telomeres, the protective caps on chromosomes, tend to wear down and shorten. Weakening glands cause our hormone levels to shift.

The brain receives signals of a faltering biological system and goes into a gradual "shut-down" mode. The brain control center assumes that it is time to start the process of clearing this organism from nature's landscape and changes the metabolism to a slow catabolic -- breakdown process!

The chronological life expectancy average is around 75 years now. Ignorance is the only reason that this is the average lifespan. It could be much higher -- even well more than 100. Too many people let their bodies wear out and phase out due to lack of knowledge that this process is preventable.

Now it is possible to improve almost every aspect of your body -- bone mass, muscle, long and short-term memory, healing time, organ function and regain a youthful appearance -- by improving your metabolism and your body chemistry.

It is far better to deal with the underlying causes of aging rather than trying to relieve each symptom by taking some type of pharmaceutical medicine.

Statistics show that men treated aggressively with blood pressure medicine and/or cholesterol lowering drugs generally die sooner than those with the same symptoms who are not treated at all.

Organized medicine is organized for the purpose of treating symptoms with drugs. It does not educate people to correct their dietary and metabolic flaws to be healthier, stay young and live longer enjoyably.

Even most natural health advocates do not realize the need to realign the metabolism for maximum longevity and youthfulness. Exercise, a better diet and taking certain nutritional supplements can help improve health and prolong life only to a limited degree.

The most important keys for rejuvenation and a long healthy life are: detoxifying and alkalizing the body, reducing and healing damage by free radicals and parasites, maintaining the health of the telomeres that keep the ends of DNA strands from fraying, and supporting adequate stem cells, special cells that easily transform into the type needed for a particular tissue.

Contributing factors now considered important for anti-aging are: anabolic metabolism for effective restoration of the body's tissues and organs, antioxidants for neutralizing damaging free radicals, mild alkalinity, proper hormone balance and a strong immune system.

There are two major actions or directions of metabolism. Anabolic activities are those that build. The growth and repair of tissues are examples of healthy anabolic actions which occur in the appropriate conditions.

On the other hand, catabolic activities are those that break things down. The digestion of food is an example of a healthy catabolic action.

Each of these aspects of metabolism can become disturbed. A tumor growing is an example of anabolic action gone awry. The breakdown of tissues and organs is evidence of overly catabolic activity. Aging occurs when catabolic activity becomes dominant.

When we are young and growing, our metabolism is in a highly anabolic state. We have high energy, and the body can restore, rebuild, and repair quickly and efficiently. As we get older the body accumulates a great amount of toxins and tension, tissues start to deteriorate and vital functions are effected. 

Associated with the character of metabolism is the pH of body fluids. "Potential hydrogen" (pH) is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a chemical environment using a scale of 1 (extremely acid) to 14 (extremely alkaline).

A "litmus test" of the urine and saliva can give an indication of whether one is overly catabolic or anabolic. There is a chart of various shades of color with which to compare ph paper that has been saturated with the fluid to be tested.

A normal healthy reading for urine would be a pH of about 6.4-6.8, and saliva about the same, except on awakening in the morning when saliva should be at 7.0 (neutral). A reading less than this is indication of excessive acidity, a common catabolic condition that leads to health problems and probably a shorter life than is really possible.

Further, your immune system can be strengthened. Your natural "killer cells" defend against viruses and cancer. If these can be built back to a strong presence, and your other immune functions bolstered, you will be less susceptible to illness and disease.

The "Fountain Of Youth" begins with the mindset of keeping young. A positive attitude and relaxation of tension are very important factors in becoming younger.

300 billion cells are replaced in the body each day. If the new ones are healthier and stronger than the ones they replace, you will become biologically younger. Stem cells are special "all-purpose" cells that can be adopted by any body tissue that needs them.

Studies have shown that the single most common factor in abnormally long-lived people is their muscle mass. This suggests that their metabolism is more anabolic, as well as that their lifestyle is active.

Between ages 20 and 70 we gradually lose 40% of our ability to digest proteins and form them into new protein complexes, which are needed for muscle development and repair of tissues as well as nerve function. Restoration of good digestion and anabolic metabolism, as well as the consumption of high quality usable proteins will correct this.

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of excitement about Human Growth Hormone and ways to increase it in aging people. Most products on the market for this are not actually hormones; they are "secretagogues" -- compounds that effect glandular secretion.

Usually the products for increasing HGH work by providing certain amino acids known to reduce the hormones secreted by the hypothalamus gland which retard HGH secretion by the pituitary gland as we grow older. This change allows the pituitary to secrete more HGH, which has rejuvenating effects. Among other things, it stimulates production of IGF.

Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF) is an important group of proteins integral to muscle and nerve development and maintenance.

Adaptogenic compounds from special plants have been known for centuries to help the body adapt to circumstances and correct itself. A rare few of these can increase the IGF. Some are known to help protect the fragile telomeres on the ends of the cellular DNA that tend to wear down with each cell division. The length of the telomeres is an indicator of how much longer one has to live!

Better hormonal secretions from healthy glands would improve the signals to the brain so it does not go into the "shut-down" of the body, or stops this process if it is already in progress.

However, improved results will be limited without additional helpful actions. Rejuvenation can be maximized with assisting the digestive system, activating more adult stem cells to replace damaged ones, and providing a daily flow of antioxidants and other nutrients that support correct metabolism to repair tissues, organs, and systems.

Instead of a degenerating, toxic flabby shell targeted to be phased out before long, a healthy body signals the brain to restore and/or maintain vigor, immunity, liver function, muscle tone, and sexual performance.

This is done by restoring and improving the cellular environment and renewing healthy anabolic metabolism. As a result, better health and longevity will be increased and continue for many years.


Natural Anti-Aging Supplements

Natural supplements are now available that can accomplish the goals of detoxifying, alkalizing, protecting, releasing more adult stem cells, providing efficient proteins and supporting anabolic activity.


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This approach will improve the repair and function of cells, tissues, organs, and systems; DNA synthesis and repair; brain function; and even the stabilization of blood sugar.

The person undertaking these procedures would be more relaxed, energetic, and bright; ailments would fade away; and they would look and feel great. Information on breakthrough products that help achieve these improvements, is found throughout our Natural Health Enterprises websites.

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