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Alkalize Your Body

feel better as ailments diminish

by Jon David Miller, M.A., M.Div., holistic natural health educator & author

An overly acid body is unhealthy. A common step to better health is to alkalize the body. Having the pH balance within in a healthy range is crucially important. A healthy body is slightly alkaline.

Most people are too acidic from the highly acid forming foods and beverages consumed routinely. This acid condition of the body is the breeding ground for invading organisms and many of the common health problems.

The immune system is weakened, there is more free radical damage and greater susceptibility to cancer and other degenerative disease when the body is too acidic.

Unfortunately, pharmaceutical medicines only mask symptoms rather than correct the underlying conditions.

Many of us consume cooked and processed foods, meats, dairy products, grains and junk beverages, all of which form acids in the body. Over time the acid wastes of metabolism accumulate and contribute to degenerative conditions, including cancer, heart disease, loss of bone density, and more.

Alkalization of the body is a tremendous blessing to those who would like to reduce pain, feel better and have more energy. Diminishing the acidic load is very relieving.

There has been a trend of people learning more about the importance of alkalization. Various means are used to become more alkaline. The first step is to test the pH of urine and saliva.

According to Dr Carrie Rheams, the ideal urine-saliva pH reading is 6.4-6.6, slightly acid. Others say 1st morning saliva should be 7.

There are dietary choices and nutritional supplements that alkalize. Most fruits, vegetables and herbs are alkaline-forming, as are better forms of calcium and other mineral supplements. Meats, dairy, wheat and most other grains are acidifying. So are coffee, soda pop, beer, wine and sugar.

There's some early evidence that a diet low in acid-producing foods like animal protein (such as meat and cheese) and bread and high in fruits and veggies could help prevent kidney stones, keep bones and muscles strong, improve heart health and brain function, reduce low back pain, and lower risk for type 2 diabetes.

Very expensive machines developed in Asia are sold to alkalize water, some using a combination of chemicals, filters and electronic water treatment. Some of these do not really purify the water in treating it to raise the pH.

The danger here is taking alkalinity to an extreme, leaving the body too alkaline. Whether too acid or too alkaline, both are unhealthy states. Another problem is trying to move the pH too rapidly or too often. The blood pH of 7.35-7.45 is absolutely critical, and the body will take from other tissues what calcium and other minerals are needed to maintain that range, especially the bones.



Delicious Greens 8000TM is an excellent antioxidant green foods mixture that alkalizes. It has a superior ORAC value (measure of antioxidant capacity) compared to other super food supplements. Yet it is less expensive than similar products.

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The re-mineralizing alkalizer is a cartridge that can be included or added to a water purifier system to provide alkalizing minerals and improve the water with infrared energy, resulting in water that is very enhancing to biological systems. Alkaline water is a very affordable way to assist the alkalization process, unless you buy one of those expensive machines for over $1000.

We also have an alkalizing cartridge for our water purifying pitcher for convenient low cost alkalization.


Another excellent alkalizer is Willard Catalyst Altered Water, which can raise the pH of liquids by 1 to 1 1/2 points.


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