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On "Molecula Silver"

"The most exciting thing to me that confirms my belief in this product is that the two best MDs I have ever talked to are using this same silver on nearly all of their patients and they are also micro-biologists as well. They are able to see how effective this product is working on their patients day by day."

Dennis Richard 11-27-07

"I am a naturopath and over the past 20 years I have become familiar with many different supplements. I have respect for those supplements and have seen their use bring people out of serious illness.

However, I have never had as much respect for a product as I have for Molecula Silver.

Colloidal Silver caught my attention years ago. It sounded good in theory, but never lived up to my expectations. Then I found Ionic Silver but that did not produce the results hoped for. I had much better success with angstrom-sized silver, but not enough to make it a "Star Product" in my repertoire. Molecula Silver has been that powerful. It is a Star Product. What does that mean? It means I want everyone to have it on hand or to be taking it regularly.

Even though I am on many good products, I have been able to see a definite improvement in my immunity by using an ounce of Molecula Silver morning and night. I had a couple of chronic problems that I managed to control without resorting to medications, but still had not conquered. The Molecula has taken me a huge step forward in that process."

Best wishes,

Catherine Saltzman, N.D.

"I would like to tell you that I am having great success with the 'Molecula Silver' solution in combination with the blood electrification units over the past two years. I have had results in the treatment of kidney insufficiencies, infectious abscesses, severe allergies, Lyme's disease, tonsillitis, rhinitis (sinus infections), and all kinds of infectious respiratory diseases including asthma, bronchial spasms, and others."

Carlos Guerrero M.D. Playas de Tijuana, B.C. Mexico

"I can’t thank you enough for your invaluable contribution to the medical field with the blood electrification and 'Molecula Silver' treatment. I suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, parasites and amoebas, and the pain of it all for 8 years. I was at best only able to work part time, sometimes in that period. Now, after only one month with the silver treatment and blood electrification I feel vibrant and full of life! Thanks to this painless treatment, I am now living a normal life."

Ana Narvaez, Pasadena, California

"After suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia for several years now, I began using a special 'Molecula Silver' along with blood electrification on a daily basis at home. In less than a month my chronically swollen glands and stuffy, ringing ears have completely cleared up; A disgusting and irritating yeast infection that has been plaguing me for 8 months is gone; The terrible, painful, deep, deep-under-the-skin acne I had has vanished; My hair has stopped falling out; My digestion and overall energy level and mood has improved greatly. All I can say is WOW!"

Wendy Strong, Aliso Viejo, California

"I have had a 33 year battle with duodenal ulcers and I have tried everything that I could find out about to relieve it without success. I began drinking a glass of 'Molecula Silver' and distilled water everyday, and in almost too short a time to be believed, my condition has cleared up completely. I have used the silver solution to clear up some very bad cold and flu bouts. I am convinced it works and saves me lots of undue cost."

Frank Cotinola, Laguna Beach, California

"I had a chronic chest congestion that I was unable to get rid of. The pulmonary specialist diagnosed me as having asthma. They prescribed 2 different sprays and daily medication, but it did absolutely no good. Six days of using 'Molecula Silver'  (drinking small amounts several time a day) took me off all medications. It has been 4 months now and I am clear and use just a taste a day for maintenance."

Mike Halby, Laguna Beach, California


"My wife had been treated for cancer in Mexico and was sent home on February 16, 1999, but she contracted another infection that took her over and the cancerous growths on her feet grew larger and uglier than ever. We had to get back to Mexico from Florida for a second time to address this problem. We were there for 12 weeks, and the whole time they were working on getting this infection down so they could continue treatment on the cancerous growths. After 12 weeks and over $30,000, I was next to broke and Priscilla was no better and losing hope. They said that if they could get rid of the infection that they could make strides against the cancer. I met a man named ____ in the parking lot where we were staying and told him my plight. He said that he could handle the infection almost overnight. He gave her some “Molecula Silver” solution orally and hooked her up on a small wrist unit that he called a blood cleaner. We could both see the difference the very next day, and within 4 days the lab reports came back negative for all bacteria or infection of any kind. We stayed on for a few more weeks and went home as her growths were now basically cleared up. This was a miracle for us. Thank God for this treatment and this man who brought it to us."

Lee Arthur Shoe, Winterhaven, Florida

"As per your request, I will report to you on just a couple of very impressive results that I have been able to achieve with the 'Molecula Silver' and blood electrification that you introduced me to.

1/ I had a patient named Leone Munoz Espinoza who came over 1000 miles from La Paz for treatment for Leprosy with the 'Molecula Silver' and blood electrification. He was in the final stage of Leprosy with the next stage being amputation and or death.

I treated him 5 days a week for six weeks with the silver delivered through an I.V. with 2 hours of blood electrification at the same time. He tested positive for Mycobacterium Leprae on 10-14-99 and was tested again on 12-16-99 after the treatment and was negative.

We knew he was being cured as the pain left early, the infection was obviously leaving, and new pink skin was growing under the sloughed off skin on his arms and hands.

I have been a medical doctor in Mexico for over 37 years and I have never seen Leprosy completely cured – ever. The fact that your treatment cured this man is proof that the 'Molecula Silver' is able to actually enter the bone and work it’s wonders. It is over one year later and the man is healthy, back to work, and if it was not for this particular treatment, he would have been dead a long time ago for sure.

2/ I had another patient named Ester Flores Iriarte who was positive with hepatitis C which we all know is incurable. She was tested on 3-20-2000 as positive. She had lost much weight, she was jaundiced, and she had no energy at all. She didn’t begin treatment with me until October of 2000.

We treated her with 'Molecula Silver' (through I.V.) and blood electrification (along with some diet changes and vitamin-mineral supplements). We watched her eyes clear up, gain energy and weight, and on 12-23-2000 she tested negative for hepatitis C.

I am amazed at what this stuff can do, and so is my whole staff. As a doctor, I will always be in your debt for introducing me to this medicine."

Eladio Medina Ibanez, M.D. Tijuana, B.C. Mexico

"I have been amazed at this method using 'Molecula Silver' and blood electrification for treating “non-curable” diseases by causing the absolute destruction of all known deleterious pathogens. This use at home method is so effective for so many health problems that I will be doing my part to see that the word gets out. The world really needs to know about this."

Dr. Donald Jones, DC, ND, PT, BA, BS, MS, PhBCDNT (board certified diplomat in Nutritional therapy) # 103147 California License # 852

"I would like to thank you for your great product. I wish that you would get a chance to talk to my friend David. He was raving about the Silver when he called me a day or two ago. Listening to him, you would have thought that he was talking about Ambrosia – the food of the gods. He was telling me that the colloidal silver that they have been carrying in their store for years is totally worthless compared to 'Molecula Silver'.

They are already halfway through the bottle that I gave them. I promised that I would give them another one of my bottles when I next see them on Tuesday ... However, he was blown away by the strong results from his muscle testing of the quart of 'Silver'. The bottle of 'Molecula Silver' created an extremely strong muscle lock which meant that the human body really liked it.

On Saturday, I was at the store for a while and once more, David was raving about the 'Molecula Silver'. Then he told several people an amazing thing. He said that only once in every 20 years or so does he encounter something as awesome as 'Molecula Silver' which can really help improve people’s health."

(This letter is from Hawaii and David is in his 80’s)

(Silver-Pro) Update
Tues. March 2002

"Well it’s been just about 2 weeks now since I started on your 'Molecula Silver' product and electronic zapper. I’ve tried many things to alleviate the pain from the peripheral neuropathy associated with my Diabetes…… nothing, but nothing, has given me results like your products....

However, the pain in my feet has decreased by at least 30% - 50% so far. Need to say, I’m hoping there will be further improvement as time goes on."

Tim Jones

One week later from Tim Jones

"Well, looks like it’s time to reorder some of your amazing 'Molecula Silver'. I’ve been using it about 3 weeks now, and I’m really seeing results. I’d like to order 1 gallon this time…. Please let me know the total amt. And I’ll get a money order in the mail to you. Thanks." ... Tim Jones

November 9, 2001

"My name is GA.K. I am 34 years old. In May, 2000, I had my first abnormal pap smear during my annual exam at my OB/GYN’s office.

My doctor had me come in for a colposcopy and biopsy of my cervix. The results showed the presence of pre-cancerous cells and was graded as low-grade SIL (squamous intra-epithelial lesions). I was directed to come back for re-checks on my pap smear every 6 months, which I did and until recently there had been no change.

On June 22, 2001, I went in for my next pap smear which also checked for the presence of HPV (human papilloma virus). The results were that my low-grade SIL had changed to high-grade SIL and I was POSITIVE for HPV. My doctor insisted that I come in for a LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure). I really did not want to HAVE to have this done.

My husband’s friend suggested I try his 'Molecula Silver' solution and a blood cleaner for a short period of time and go in for a re-test.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in biology, and after listening to how this system works, thought that it really made sense. I opted to try this and if it didn’t work, then I would schedule the LEEP.

I started drinking the 'Molecula Silver' solution diluted 4:1 with distilled water, and also douched with the silver solution and tap water (approximately 3:1). I drank the water almost every day and douched 1-2 times per day for about 10 weeks. I also used the blood purifying unit for about an hour a couple of times per week.

I returned to my doctor and requested one more pap smear before I do the LEEP on October 1, 2001. The results were amazing! I had my first “normal” pap smear since May, 2000. I also am NEGATIVE for HPV. I am convinced the 'Silver' is responsible for these results!


Southern California

Sent: Monday, May 27, 2002 5:00 PM
To: Jim
Subject: Wellness Testimony

Dear Jim,

"It is my hope this testimony inspires at least one person who's wrestling with illness to go and get well - I know it can easily be accomplished." Maraline Krey

"Wanted to drop you a line and fill you in on my great new sense of well being. As I've told you, I was critically ill 4 years ago (meaning I was in the critical care unit of a hospital for 7 days and bed ridden for 8 more weeks) and subsequently diagnosed to undergo a hysterectomy and then double mastectomy and...ultimately diagnosed with hopeless chronic illness. Not at all pleased with any of these ideas, and after making the mistake of going along with the hysterectomy, I decided that just living right was obviously not enough, I had to really try and understand what would help my body function at it's optimum and above all, find a way to get well!

Three plus years later, I was still on this path and I met you, Jim. And, while I had succeeded in resolving breast issues, basically recovered from surgery and related conditions, I hadn't done as well on the chronic stuff. My entire body hurt everyday, sometimes more than hurt. My sleep patterns hadn't been patterned after anything for a few years. Everyday I would wakeup with a headache and too often it turned into a migraine lasting at best 3 days, and sometimes 5 or 6 days. This isn't to say I wasn't active, I was, just not in the best frame of mind about it - not quite as happy as I could have been without all the pain - and with some sleep. It is amazing what we put up with.

I thought myself doing pretty especially when I looked at where I had come from, but you, nope you were convinced I didn't have to have all the pain and immediately sent me 'Molecula Silver' (and a couple other items). - What did I know from 'Molecula Silver'? I took it 3 times a day for 7 days - and that has become the most memorable 7 days of my life. Never had I experienced wellness like during this time. It was like the wellness just kept compounding itself. I would have written you sooner about all of this, but I wanted to wait until I cycled back to the doctor and give you those results as well.

When we first spoke (has it only been 5 weeks ago) I was taking 10 prescription drugs - I now take 2. I was able to work everyday, but intermittently, now I work probably from dawn until I go to sleep and in between times play with my 6 year old and volunteer. I have consistent energy throughout the day and I am actually developing a sleeping pattern I think.

The doctors visit: The doctor wasn't pleased that I stopped most of the medications and said so, however I exclaimed how great it felt not being held hostage by getup medicine, stay-up medicine, eat medicine, go to sleep medicine and thinking about what pill I was supposed to take when! The doctor wasn't even impressed that I was completely limber and without any pain, did hands on the floor, jumped around, allowed her to press on all the old tenderness, she was very hesitant to say I was well - which is what I wanted to have in writing (and I asked for).

I was asked to return in three months this time for another review - and to please stay on the two remaining medicines and go take another quick series of tests. I was very surprised that an illness can be diagnosed by symptoms, but not cleared as cured by the lack of symptoms! I plan on having them write the insurance company in three months that I'm cured and I guess I'll just keep asking them till they do. Now isn't that great news! I have 4 more doctors to go to and do the same thing - it is my new quest.

People have told me that sometimes the illness becomes so much a part of a person, like it or not, that they stop seeking out ways to get well and just find a way to get along. Hope is the motivation to recovery and with the right motivation you can do anything. Need is also a good motivator - having to do something makes it doable. Thank you for working with me, for guiding me and while I still think I can improve my situation another 25%, you'll be hearing all my questions and I'll be trying all your solutions . . . .

You'll get another testimonial update when I get to 95% - then one at 100%, another at 110% (which is the optimum so I'll have some to call on in a pinch!). Great days!"

Maraline Krey, Dana Point, CA

One patient who had sustained three crushed fingers in an accident grew new tissue rapidly.

Within 2-1/2 months, skin coverage was complete and there was normal full sensation, good blood supply and all joints had a normal range of motion. If left untreated, the 30-year old electrician's fingers would have fallen off after turning black from gangrene, and he would have been left with a totally useless hand. Ironically, his orthopedic surgeon recommended amputation of all three fingers, but the patient requested silver-ion therapy which proved successful.

The mechanism by which silver ions help rebuild tissue has been studied for more than a decade by Dr. Robert Becker of Becker Biomagnetics in New York. Dr. Becker initially reported his findings at the First International Conference on Silver and Gold in Medicine, co-sponsored by The Silver Institute in 1987. In the decade since, this technique has been used in clinical settings where hundreds of patients with various wounds have recovered. In addition, a laboratory study conducted by the U.S. Army Institute for Surgical Research in Houston, Texas, showed that laboratory animals with burn wounds treated under controlled conditions experienced shortened time for reconstruction with silver-nylon dressings. Recovery of skin function was faster when electric current was applied compared to no application of electric current.

After several hundred cases, Dr. Becker believes that the technique works in three stages.

The first stage is the chemical combination of highly active free silver ions with all bacteria or fungi present in the wound which are inactivated within 20 to 30 minutes.

The second stage occurs over the next few days. Silver acts on fibroblast cells to cause them to revert to their embryonic state, becoming stem cells. These cells are universal building blocks whose role is to reconstruct new tissue.

In the final stage, silver ions form a complex with the living cells in the wound area to produce immediately convertible stem cells. The end result of this conversion is that the stem cells supply all the building blocks necessary to completely restore all anatomical structures.

No other known treatment provides sufficient numbers of the embryonic or stem cells required for true regeneration of damaged or destroyed tissues in humans and animals. The success indicates that there is the potential not only for the healing of near-surface wounds, but for regenerative repair of internal organs such as the heart, liver, brain and the spinal cord.

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