Acknowledged & Appreciated

Al Couch
(Natural Health Educator & Organic Farmer)

Alleen Donohoe
(Natural Health Educator, Personal Growth Coach)

Jack Maskey
(Herbalist & Iridologist, Natural Health Educator & Consultant)

Joyce Kauffman
(Herbalist & Iridologist, Natural Health Educator & Consultant)

Myrna Brueggeman
(Holistic Health Educator & Healing Worker)

Louise Horvath
(Herbalist & Iridologist, Natural Health Educator & Consultant)

Donna Summerville
(Wellness Educator, Personal Growth & Healing Facilitator)

Dr. John Diamond, M.D.
(Author, Pioneered "Behavioral Kinesiology")

John Gray
(Reiki Healing Master)

LaWanna Rine
(Natural Health Educator, Consultant & Healing Worker)

Bill Findlay
(Wellness Educator, Consultant & Healing Worker)

Randall Gibson, M.T.
(Massotherapy & Kinesiology Instructor)

Susan Kyle
(Natural Health Educator)

Dr. Jimmy Krystosik, D.C.
(Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Author, Radio Host)

Thomas Weigand
(Natural Health Educator & Consultant)

Dr. William Crook, M.D.
(Author of The Yeast Connection)

Dr. C. Samuel West, D.N., N.D.
(Naturopath, Lymphologist, Author, Educator)

Dr. Frank King, D.C., N.D.
(Chiropractor, Naturopath, Homeopath,
CEO of King Biopharmaceuticals)

Dr. Lendon Smith, M.D.
(Holistic Pediatrition, Author)

Charlotte Gerson-Strauss
(Anti-Cancer Advocate)

Dr. Julian Whitacre, M.D.
(Holistic Physician, Author)

Lyle Loughry
(Natural Health Educator & Consultant)

Keith Eyrich
(Natural Health Educator & Consultant)

Dr. Dwight McKee, M.D.
(Expert on Nutrition, Metabolism & Cancer; Natural Health Educator)

Michael O'Brien
(Expert on Enzymes, Herbs & Nutrition, Natural Health Educator & Consultant)

Dr. Jeffrey Fedorko, D.C.
(Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Natural Health Educator)

Dr. Michael Garn, M.D.
(Homeopathic Doctor, Natural Health Educator)

Dr. Mark Garner, D.C.
(Chiropractor, Homeopath, Natural Health Educator )

Al Wasil
(Doctor of Homeotherapeutics & Natural Health Sciences)

Julie Madsen, PhD
(Psychologist, Personal Growth Educator & former Nursing Instructor)

David & Linda Isner
(Natural Health Educators & Consultants)

James Bidwell
(Engineering & Legal Consultant)

Jeff Gosser
(Personal Growth Coach)

Ann Gosser
(Artist & Personal Growth Coach)

Virl Andrick
(Actor, Singer & Personal Growth Coach)

Michelle Gippin
(Personal Growth & Healing Facilitator)

Carol Ann Drick
(Personal Growth & Healing Educator, former Nursing Instructor)

Virginia Whited
(Personal Growth & Healing Facilitator, former Spiritual Practitioner)

Darice Angwin
(Personal Growth & Healing Facilitator, former Spiritual Practitioner)

Michael Mangus
(Personal Growth & Healing Facilitator, Religious Science Practitioner)

Diana Mangus
(Personal Growth & Healing Facilitator, Religious Science Practitioner)

Gloria Ireland
(Holistic Psychologist & Educator)

Bobbee DeGordan
(Natural Health Educator & Consultant)

Fred DeGordan
(Natural Health Educator & Consultant)

Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C., N.D.
(World-Renowned Author & Educator --
Established Iridology in U.S.)

Dr. Jack Ritchason, N.D.
(Naturopath, Iridologist, Author, Teacher)

Dick Gregory
(Comedian, Social Commentator, Health Advocate, Author & Speaker)

Rev. Floyd E. George III, M. Div.
(Minister, Theologian)

Gloria Krebs, M. Ed.
(Inspirational Teacher)

Kenneth Dale Taylor, Jr., M.A.
(Musician, Former Songwriting Partner, Personal Growth Coach)

Robert Marche
(Inspirational Speaker, Actor)

Michael Grady
(Singer/Songwriter, Musician & Personal Growth Coach)

Rev. Lindsey Williams
(Author, Speaker, Minister)

Joseph Campbell
(Educator, Expert on Mythology)

Jean Houston
(Inspirational Author & Speaker)

Blanche Miller
(Accountant, Parent & Personal Growth Coach)

Allen Miller
(Purchasing Agent & Personal Growth Coach)

Robert Miller
(Sales Professional & Personal Growth Coach)



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