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Water Purifier System

Every home needs a water purification system. No one should be drinking raw unfiltered tap water or living on inferior expensive bottled water. For those on a budget, you can easily build your own water purifier system over time, unit by unit.

Our standard flow through housing units are modular. One can be easily connected to the next with a simple double-threaded connector. Only the first step needs to include a spout (counter top models) or a faucet (under sink models).

You can start with as little as a single housing containing a multi-stage cartridge (with either 6 stages or the 7 stage version that includes fluoride removal). Then later a second housing with a solid carbon cartridge can be added to go in the first position.

Or you could start with a dual system and expand from there.

For under sink models, a mounting bracket appropriate for the number of housings will come with each purchase so you can mount them side by side and attach them with the connector.

Make your choice for a starter unit on the order page, either counter top or under counter, single or dual. Then order add-on items when you are ready.

Be sure to make note of the cartridge replacement suggestions and get your replacement cartridges at appropriate intervals. Those are found on the Replacements page.

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including "Corrected Water" systems

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       Single Counter Top Filter       Under Counter R.O. System

One of our point-of-use Redox & Carbon units or reverse osmosis systems will effectively reduce or remove the following contaminants:

~algae  ~bacteria  ~parasites  ~mold/fungus  ~bad taste  ~bad odor  ~pesticides (eg. Endrin, Lindane, Methoxychlor, Toxaphene, etc.) ~herbicides (eg. Silvex; 2, 4-D; etc.)  ~fertilizers  ~nitrates  ~detergents  ~PCB's  ~THM's  ~arsenic ~aluminum  ~barium  ~cadmium ~chlorine ~chromium ~fluoride ~hydrogen sulfide ~iron  ~lead  ~mercury  ~radon ~selenium ~and many more

We have been in the water purification business for over 45 years.

All components of our water systems are free of BPA.

WARRANTY: Our point-of-use water filtration system housings and hardware have a warranty to be free of defects in materials and manufacture, with repair or replacement for up to one year from date of purchase, and our water cartridges for up to 90 days. (See return and liability policies.)

NOTE: For those on fluoridated city water, our special flow through units for fluoride removal or our reverse osmosis systems will thoroughly eliminate fluoride. All of our drinking water purifiers have replaceable cartridges, and clear installation instructions. We also have whole house systems.



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