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Special Analysis of New U.S. Administration

Saturday, January 21, 1:30 pm Eastern Time

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A Strong Immune System to Resist Invaders


It is essential to support the immune system, which is under challenge more than ever from toxins, stress, fungus, bacteria, viruses, etc. Due to abuse from public poisons and electromagnetic frequencies, our overall health is being weakened.

The threat of a pandemic is rising again. Flu, avian flu, swine flu, chronic fatigue, contagious Lyme disease, Ebola, HIV, TB, MRSA, yeast, mycoplasma and more are circulating. Several of these are bio-weapons developed to serve the elite agenda of depopulation and tyranny.

It would be wise to respect quarantines, while avoiding vaccinations, which are contaminated with toxic chemicals and rogue viruses, and also avoiding hospitals, where aggressive germs are a serious problem.

A healthy immune system is essential with the challenges of emerging infection agents. The diet and lifestyle that has been offered and promoted is not healthy. Stress, toxins, and poor nutrition cause “distress of the organism“, the real disease.

Relax, detox and nourish -- the wisdom of natural living -- can restore health and strengthen the immune system.

Antioxidants, advanced silver, oxygen, colostrum, enzymes, larrea, oregano oil and other powerful herbs, and probiotics, as well as fresh organically grown foods, are supplemental keys to supporting strong immunity.


Time to Move With Purpose


During this period in human life we are experiencing a major crisis. The most important challenge is to apply critical thinking and do our best to clarify what is real and what is false.

A cabal of control operates behind the scenes of government, politics, intelligence, finance, business, industry and corporate media.

This power cabal stages events, creates false narratives, including “fake news“, controls official puppets, employs deception, manipulates financial markets, fabricates statistics, and fosters infertility, lower intelligence, illness and early death with public poisons.

It is time to disengage from the hypnotism of television programming, controlled news and social media, and consider what is really going on. Learn the methods of natural health and prepare to survive the changes the cabal has brought to us.

It is time to move with purpose before we are completely trapped in a high-tech, limited lifestyle of bureaucratically restricted, mind-controlled human robots.


How Alkaline?


An overly acid body is unhealthy. The immune system is weakened, there is more free radical damage and greater susceptibility to cancer and other degenerative disease when the body is too acidic.

There has been a trend of people learning more about the importance of alkalization. Various means are used to become more alkaline.

Very expensive machines developed in Asia are sold to alkalize water, some using a combination of chemicals, filters and electronic water treatment.

The danger here is taking alkalinity to an extreme, leaving the body too alkaline. Whether too acid or too alkaline, both are unhealthy states.

What less expensive method is there to bring the appropriate level of alkalinity to the body?

An alkalizing cartridge can be used with high quality water purification. It should especially be used for correcting reverse osmosis water. RO tends to produce water that is lower in pH, too acidic for good health.

The re-mineralizing alkalizer cartridge from contains calcium and magnesium carbonates to restore both mineral value and alkalinity to the water, as well as infrared energy for additional health benefits. This is a safer and healthier way to correct water pH.

There are also dietary choices and nutritional supplements that alkalize. Most fruits, vegetables and herbs are alkaline-forming, as are some calcium and other mineral supplements.


Survive The Changes


The most significant changes we have ever experienced are in progress. Most people are distracted, unaware of what is happening and about to be shocked as the changes become more obvious.

Some of the issues we are facing during this period are: economic collapse, genetic modification, electromagnetic frequencies, electromagnetic pulse, geo-engineering, earth changes, societal disruption, hunger and ongoing exposure to public poisons.

It is critical to focus on preparedness, including storage of food and supplies, as one or more of these concerns are likely to manifest at anytime. It is wise to be a prepper if you want to survive the changes.

survival, change, economic collapse, GMO, EMF, EMP, geo-engineering, earth changes, preparedness, prepper



Degenerative Diseases


The epidemic of degenerative diseases is due to intended ignorance, public poisons, stress and poor nutrition.

Degenerative diseases are all forms of the one real disease -- distress of the organism. Tension, toxins, and poor nutrition cause this distress, which may take the forms of arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, infection, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Preventing disease and inflammation is a process of relaxing distress. Calming stress, avoiding toxins and detoxifying, and pursuing life-supporting nutrition will help prevent any of these forms of ill health. Relax, detoxify, nourish -- that is the natural health process.

Public poisons and EMFs can harm and impair organs. Natural health practices, exercise, a positive attitude, good sleep and nutritious supplements help maintain these crucial organs. Routine support and periodic detoxification are essential for good health.

Natural foods, such as a combination of fresh produce, ideally from one’s own garden, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals from super foods and herbs, as well as pure water, build health.

degenerative disease, arthritis, irritable bowel, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s



Economic Collapse Looming


An economic collapse seems to be underway. The false narrative of a strong recovery could exacerbate the shock of the collapse, which is expected to spread like a fire once a trigger event sets it off.

The recent second increase in the bank lending rate by .25%, a big bank collapse, or an attack of some kind, could be that trigger. It will be fed by the exposure of banks, companies and governments to the ridiculous derivative contracts on sub-prime assets.

The debt bubble may be about to burst, which could seriously change the world’s financial markets, including the dollar and the consumer market. Supply shortages may become serious, especially if food deliveries are not flowing.

The results of a collapse could be closing banks, plummeting stock prices, locking of bond redemptions, wiping out of bank accounts and other paper assets, hunger and/or social disruption.

War is the usual mode by world powers of dealing with economic disaster. As resources, production and concerns get shifted to the war effort, they overshadow economic deprivation and any complaints. The threat of war seems to be refreshed daily.

Can war be averted and the collapse be minimized by a beneficial reset of currencies and trade procedures?

Economic collapse and changes of major proportions are unfolding. Preparation is required to come through this without devastation.

economic collapse, dollar, debt, global reset, preparation



Know Your Public Poisons


Many of us are coming to understand that we are being overwhelmed with public poisons in our food, air, water, home, car, etc. At the same time, self-toxification from poor food choices and waste accumulation in the intestines worsens the toxic load. How can we protect ourselves and counter the effects of these?

Fluoride in city water, geo-engineering sprays, GMOs, pesticides, food additives, radiation, fracking, injection wells, dumping of toxic waste into the ground and household chemicals are common sources of the public poisons.

It is crucial that a thorough program of detoxification be engaged periodically, using pure water, oxygen, detox agents, dietary improvement, lymph movement and perspiration.

The liver must be healthy to do a good job of cleaning the blood. The lungs, kidneys, colon and skin are also involved in the elimination process and need to function well. Periodic intentional cleansing of the organs of elimination is essential for good health.

A far infrared sauna is now an important health tool to utilize routinely. Far Infrared Ray is a safe and beneficial part of the light spectrum. Warming to the point of sweating out toxins in a FIR sauna is a valuable support of good health.

public poisons, fluoride, geo-engineering, heavy metals, GMO, radiation, detoxification



Winter Natural Health Support


Wintertime presents health challenges that call for special measures. Concerns include cold temperatures, invader organisms, the immune system, nutrition and sleep.

We need to be prepared for cold temperatures with appropriate clothing. Warming ourselves and our vehicle ahead of time helps maintain a less stressful temperature shock.

With superior nutritional supplementation, wise food choices and adequate sleep good health can be maintained. Exercise may be less easy to accomplish in winter, especially when the outdoor weather is not favorable. Plan a regular exercise routine. Exercise equipment such as a rebound unit and some hand weights can make a big difference in good indoor exercise.

A strong immune system in particular is essential for winter, especially with the challenges of circulating infection agents. Certain vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, colostrum, silver and herbs are especially helpful for immune support.

The principles of natural health -- relax, detoxify and nourish -- support the immune system and keep the body functioning well in winter and throughout the year.

immune, infection, natural health, sleep, vitamins, antioxidants



Protecting the Sinuses and Lungs


Airborne pollution and particulates are widespread. These irritate the sinuses and lungs and can lead to serious respiratory problems.

When particles enter the respiratory system via the nose or the mouth, the body turns on its cleansing mechanisms, and the immune system is put on active duty. So we are in constant alert mode from the great amount of pollutants in our air.

The routine spraying of toxic agents in the air from jet airplanes in what is called "stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering" has been generating increased respiratory ailments. Beyond that the many airborne poisons in our homes and environment cause respiratory problems.

When the sinuses get irritated and inflamed, mucus is released from the sensitive linings of these nasal cavities. The mucus can clog the airways, especially if it dries and hardens.

The lungs, organs crucial to survival, can also be irritated by pollutants and impaired by mucus in the bronchials. Our respiratory system is also effected by tension.

A deficiency of oxygen is at the root of much disease. There are herbs and breath techniques that can help the lungs and improve breathing, as well as supplemental oxygen for better health.

The lungs also play a role in the elimination process and need to function well. Periodic intentional detoxification and support is essential for good health.

sinuses, lungs, respiratory, oxygen, breath, breathing



Economic Outlook for 2017


Well-respected economists who are not in public propaganda positions say that economic collapse is in progress in much of the world, especially Europe and Venezuela.

The U.S. economy has never fully recovered since the crash of 2008. Real unemployment/under-employment is worse now than during the Great Depression. Published numbers are fudged. Many jobs have moved overseas. More than ¼ of U.S. working age people have no full time job. More than half the population receives government payments for financial support.

Although homes are selling in some areas, an anticipated rise in interest rates may slow the housing market.

Deep analysts alert that the global power cabal is orchestrating the downfall of Western economies. Many governments, businesses and households are already stretched thin financially in attempting to pay for necessities and service their debt.

With the potential downfall of debt-based currency, the dollar, which is no longer exclusively used in the oil trade, is losing its world status. Other currencies are being used more internationally. The dollar’s strength has been maintained a while longer as a “safe haven” for money to be parked around the world during a time of economic uncertainty, while the markets have been sustained by manipulation.

economic collapse, dollar, debt, global reset, preparation



Healthy Natural Holidays


Wintertime illness often arises from the stress, toxins and poor nutrition common in the holiday season.

The typical holiday life style of alcohol consumption, heavy sweet foods, rat racing and too little sleep, starves the tissues, weakens the immune system and clogs the channels of elimination.

If we apply natural health principles during our holiday activities we should be healthier in the winter.

Choosing organically grown foods, avoiding GMO foods, minimizing public poisons, limiting sugar consumption, relaxing tension and anxiety, and consuming a full range of needed nutrients, all will help prevent illness.

The principles of natural health, relax, detoxify and nourish, support the immune system and keep the body functioning well.

natural health, organic, GMO, public poisons, sugar, relaxation



Climate Change and Technology


What if abnormal climate change is being caused primarily by lesser known technology?

Atmospheric Aerosol Geoengineering and Solar Radiation Management are the formal names for spraying aerosolized chemicals in our skies since at least the mid 1990‘s. Geoengineering is also called “chemtrails“.

This has occurred for over 20 years with a quiet cover story of combating “global warming“ or “climate change“.

Weather modification is a major purpose, which utilizes patented aerosol solutions and frequencies produced by HAARP or similar technologies to effect storms and droughts, destroy crops and trees, and poison the populace.

These sprays are part of public poisons utilized for reducing intelligence, mind control and depopulation.

It is crucial that detoxification be engaged periodically. The liver must be healthy to do a good job of cleaning the blood. The lungs, kidneys, colon and skin are also involved in the elimination process and need to function well. Periodic intentional cleansing of the organs of elimination is essential for good health.

It is also essential to support the immune system with silver and antioxidants and other help.

It is crucial to learn how to protect ourselves as best we can while organizing locally to get these harmful activities stopped. Local referendums or initiatives to ban spraying, "fracking" and other harmful actions, are being included on election ballots in various cities by gathering signatures and submitting a petition.

climate change, technology, geoengineering, chemtrails, aerosols, weather modification



Gratitude For Freedom and Reality


At this time of year we express our gratitude, we should be grateful for the freedom to seek reality. Freedom is a matter of conscious awareness, critical thinking and the will to discern what is real from falsehood.

There has been an ongoing struggle between freedom and tyranny in human experience. Those who work for tyranny establish modalities of mind control. They reset and distort history and many other aspects of life. They plan and stage events to raise fear or otherwise manipulate us toward their programmed solutions. A tyranny with dominating mind control could last for a long time. Now high technology makes this very possible, and the United Nation’s Agenda 21 shows the plan unfolding. Thankfully, we are becoming aware.

Awareness, understanding, forgiveness and gratitude, these are qualities we must develop and express to recover a reality orientation, dispelling falsehood, and restore real freedom. Then we will be freely grateful for the love, caring, good health and beauty that human consciousness is capable of expressing and appreciating.

gratitude, freedom, reality, mind control, tyranny, technology



Who Is Confused?


Orchestrated ignorance and false realities are generating confusion, stress and anxiety. We are being controlled by crisis, deception and technology.

Some of the most important knowledge for a successful, enjoyable, healthy life has been left out of our education by design. For example, development of critical thinking skills and motivation for independent investigation are seriously lacking in our schools, and even now in our colleges.

Instead we have been reduced in intelligence by public poisons, hypnotized by media, misled by false narratives and memes, pitched by vested interests and limited in scope of understanding by conventional agreement. Lifestyle choices and opinions on issues are often based on these false assumptions.

One example is the tendency for over consumption of commercial food products of minimal nutritional value, often with toxic chemicals added. Further, nearly everyone has been brainwashed to turn to the medical establishment when symptoms of illness develop from our unhealthy lifestyle. Suppression of symptoms via poisoning with chemical agents does not solve the original distress. Instead, more health problems are likely to develop from the toxic drugs.

Intelligence is lowered by fluoride in the water, aspartame in food products, aluminum in deodorant, mercury in medicines, toxic metals and biological agents sprayed in the air, and electromagnetic frequency pollution. Numerous other public poisons undermine health.

Ignorance is purposely cultivated as part of intentional manipulation. We must face the challenge of overcoming ignorance and confusion, perceive the ways we are being attacked and learn how to detoxify and support the regeneration of good health.

From the myths and legends of ancient times, we know that humans periodically experience chaos. An event or condition occasionally develops that throws things for a loop. Chaos interrupts the normal way of life. It is stressful, and it interferes with successful accomplishments and progress.

The key principles engaged by the cabal that is behind most world events, institutions and trends, are “divide and conquer” and “order out of chaos”.

There are many forms of chaos being implemented in our time. The intention is a global control system operated by a tyrannical technocratic state led by a longstanding secret coalition of powerful wealthy families and their hired minions.

deception, ignorance, manipulation, confusion, chaos



Are We Being Played?


Who wants social chaos? What will be the outcome?

What is going on with the election, the aftermath protests and controlled media propaganda? Are we being played by TICK tricks, distraction and deception? Is this a cover for a planned economic collapse? Is this the start of the intentional crumbling of U.S. society?

We are certainly being played by public poisons and intelligence reduction. If we don’t know history or how our governmental system is designed, if we are not aware of criminal infiltration of institutions, if we don’t perceive false narratives, how can we correctly understand what is happening?

We are being manipulated by hypnosis, staged false events and fraud. It is crucial for more and more people to awaken to the scheme of the power cabal and organize to protect ourselves, raise consciousness and act to correct the way the world works.

tricks, distraction, deception, intelligence, hypnosis



Big Changes Coming Soon


There are signs of crisis all around us: an economic crisis, including troubles with debt, fraud, money and jobs, numerous earth changes in progress, the degeneration of society and much more.

Digging deeper, the public poisons, vaccine propaganda, radiation, false flags, rumblings of world war, checkpoints and tracking cameras in cities and on highways and tyranny being openly rolled out, all should be of great concern to us. There is also the possibility of a power outage by EMP. That would instantly and permanently change what is considered normal.

If we are to survive, with crises unfolding, with life as we have known it dramatically changing, preparedness in a cooperative community support system with neighbors and friends is crucial.



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