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The Pancreas and Diabetes

Blood Sugar Imbalance

Can Diabetes Be Corrected?


The pancreas is the source of important enzymes for digestion and metabolism. The pancreatic Isle of Langerhans secretes insulin, which is needed to move glucose (blood sugar) from the blood into cells where it can be metabolized for energy.

Although only a few inches in size, our pancreas does two monumental jobs to keep us healthy. First, it produces enzymes that help in the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Secondly, it produces the hormone insulin, which regulates the use and storage of glucose, the body’s main energy source.

Over time the consumption of poor quality foods and beverages can weaken the pancreatic secretions. The pancreas can become overwhelmed with the demands resulting from consuming cooked food and junk food, especially sugar and white flour.

Diabetes is epidemic in our culture, particularly Type II, which is generally caused by the lifestyle choice of eating far too much processed carbohydrates.

The journey to diabetes may initially involve hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, from over production of insulin in response to high carb intake. Eventually the ability of the pancreas to produce insulin diminishes and diabetic symptoms begin to arise, such as increased thirst and reduced circulation to extremities.

Many threatened with diabetes have come to appreciate the benefits of improved diet and nourishing enhancement of their pancreas.

Support your pancreas with a well-prepared herbal formula, and assist the pancreatic functions with supplemental enzymes, allowing it to rest and devote energy to repair and strengthening.

Using appropriate enzymes when you eat reduces the demand on the pancreas to produce them. Taking enzymes in between meals allows more of them to be absorbed into the bloodstream to be available for metabolic functions that may have become subdued from insufficient enzymes due to a weakened pancreas.




Herbal Support for the Pancreas



~ Helps the pancreas and liver control blood sugar

~ Helps tone the pancreas

~ Enhances digestion

~ Builds immunity

~ Encourages urinary, prostate and glandular health

How It Works:

Today’s average diet lacks many of the nutrients needed to support normal blood sugar levels, strong digestion, immunity and glandular function. Pro-Pancreas Formula blends herbs that provide many needed nutritional compounds, supporting several body systems—digestive, glandular, urinary and immune—simultaneously. These systems interrelate to control blood sugar levels, aid blood cleansing and provide protection from toxic or microbial attack.


Juniper berries (juniperus communis), slippery elm bark (ulmus rubra), licorice root (glycyrrhiza glabra), rose hips (rosa canina), garlic bulb (allium sativum), yarrow aerial parts (achillea millefolium), capsicum fruit (capsicum annuum), golden seal root extract (hydrastis canadensis), uva ursi leaf extract (arctostaphylos uva ursi), dandelion root (taraxacum officinale), marshmallow root (althaea officinalis), nettle leaves (urtica dioica), mullein leaf extract (verbascum thapsus) and white oak stem inner bark (quercus alba).

Recommended Use:

Take 2 capsules with meals three times daily.


100 capsules

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Maximizer Enzymes

Superior Multiple Enzyme Formula

"Maximizer" is an excellent multiple enzyme product for benefits in both digestion and metabolism.

Maximizer is a plant enzyme supplement that contains 17 different types of digestive enzymes to aid in the pre-digestion of all the foods. This allows your body to use metabolic enzymes to do their vital work, rather than use them for food digestion.*

Each vegetarian capsule contains five different types of enzymes to digest proteins, two types for digesting fibers, one type for digesting fats and oils, two types that reduce starches, and seven types of enzymes for sugars and dairy products. Maximizer can help you restore your body's natural enzyme levels, promoting energy levels and overall health.*

DIRECTIONS: Take two to four capsules with meals, depending on the size of the meal.

Each capsule contains 359 mg of a proprietary enzyme blend with the following enzymes: amylase, cellulase, protease, hemi-cellulase, mannanase, acid stable protease, pectinase, alpha-galactosidase, papain, lipase, gluco-amylase, actinidin, bromelain, xylanase, lactase, maltase and invertase.

Other Ingredient: Magnesium Stearate.

Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 capsule (size #1) Amount Per Serving: Proprietary Enzyme Blend 359 mg *

* Daily Value not established Capsule  Do not take if a stomach or colon condition such as ulcers, gastritis, severe burning sensations, irritable bowel syndrome, or intestinal lining damage exists. (Contact us for an alternative.) Keep out of reach of children.

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Delicious Greens 8000TM

This excellent antioxidant green foods mixture has the highest ORAC value (measure of antioxidant capacity) of any super food supplement. Yet it is less expensive than similar products.

This is a comprehensive powdered blend of high antioxidant organic greens (eg., dehydrated grass juices & edible algae), plus many other outstanding super foods. Check it out.




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