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Liquid Dulse Iodine


How It Works:

Iodine is an essential ingredient in thyroid hormones that helps to maintain proper metabolism, including regulation of body temperatures, blood cell production, muscle and nerve function and other bodily functions.

Iodine is also very important for the brain, the immune system, the pineal gland and all other glands. It is an essential nutrient in hormone formation.

If there is a lack of iodine, these important organs become saturated with other halogen minerals, chlorine, fluoride or bromine. Even worse, radioactive iodine will build up in the thyroid and other organs without enough of the clean iodine.

Adequate vitamin C helps to retain iodine. The mineral selenium is synergistic with iodine, and helps to prevent an overload, as does magnesium.

Dulse is a type of red seaweed that grows on rocks at the low tide line in the North Atlantic and Northwest Pacific oceans where currents are strong and the bottom is clean. It provides a natural source of iodine, an essential trace mineral that is needed by the thyroid, other glands and the immune system.



225 mcg iodine (150% of Daily Value), dulse leaf extract, vegetable glycerin and water.

Recommended Use:

Take 1 ml (approximately 1520 drops [1/4 teaspoon]) in water once daily.

2 fl. oz. high quality Liquid Dulse Iodine

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NOTE: Kelp is also an excellent natural source of iodine. Click here for information on kelp.


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