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Crystalux deodorant crystals are natural mineral products of the earth. They are made from naturally occurring bauxite, or alum.

Alum is is the third most common element on earth after oxygen and silicon.  It is a natural compound which is present in the water we drink, the foods we eat and the air we breathe.

The alum molecules in these crystals are so large they cannot be absorbed into the body and blood.  The size and weight of these molecules will not allow them to penetrate the skin.

The chemical formula for alum is ALSO4.  The alum in the deodorant crystals is in salt form, NOT metallic form.  Wisely, consumers are trying to get away from products containing the metal aluminum, which can clog pores and be absorbed into the body.

Alum crystals are safe to use.  They do not clog pores or stop the natural process of perspiration.  "Antiperspirant" deodorants are undesirable, as it is not healthy to block perspiration.

These crystals prevent odor by stopping bacteria on the skin from multiplying.  They impede bacterial growth by raising the pH level of the skin, forming a highly alkaline environment that is inhospitable to odor-causing bacteria.

Crystalux deodorant crystals are guaranteed to be free of synthetic oils (which stain clothing), alcohol (which dries and irritates skin), emulsifiers and solvents (which can clog pores), synthetic perfumes (which can cause serious allergic reactions), or chemical additives.  These things are commonly in commercial deodorants. 

Crystalux products are easy to use on any area of the body where odor may arise. The spray is administered with a manually-sprayed bottle. The solid stone is simply to be wet and applied directly to the skin.

They work really well together -- spray first then apply the stick to the moistened area.

These natural crystals are the safest and most effective deodorants on the planet.  For centuries they have been used by people in Asia for personal hygiene and water purification.

For more than 20 years similar products have been popular in North America due to the facts that they are natural, safe and effective.

Crystalux deodorant products are of the highest quality.

The liquids are made with only natural mineral crystals and thoroughly purified water.  These are easily applied in their environmentally-friendly pump spray bottle. They may be applied to unwashed skin; underarms, feet and intimate areas of the body.

NOTE: The propellants in aerosal spray cans, commonly used to dispense chemical deodorants, could harm the ozone layer of the earth, and are not good to breathe.



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Mini Deodorant Mist Spray -- 2 fl. oz.

great for travel, for the gym bag, or as a trial size

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Large Deodorant Mist Spray -- 8 fl. oz.

Economy size for long-lasting service or multiple family members




(not actual relative sizes)

Large Deodorant Spray + Mini Travel Spray

$9.97 + $5 postage




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