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********************** Radio: Natural Health Saves Lives


The common lifestyle and diet are not healthy. Illness and degenerative disease are widespread due to planned ignorance, learned helplessness and public poisons.

Learning and actualizing the methods of natural health can clear illness and restore well-being.

There is really only one “dis-ease” -- distress of the organism. Stress, toxins, and poor nutrition cause this distress, which may take the forms of arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, infections, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Preventing disease and inflammation is a process of relaxing distress. Calming stress, detoxification, minimizing exposure to toxic influences, and life-supporting nutrients will help prevent most ill health and serve rejuvenation.

Natural foods, such as a combination of organically-grown fresh produce, ideally from one’s own garden, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals from super foods such as organic milled flaxseed and herbs, build health. The immune system needs special support. Extra oxygen is very helpful. Calming relaxation, pure water, good exercise and deep sleep are critically important as well.

Educating oneself and raising awareness are important. We need to develop strong community relationships through small support groups working together to learn and plan for making things better. It is especially critical to stop the dissemination of public poisons and clean up our environment, from home to planet.

illness, degenerative disease, natural, health, nutrients, detoxification, rejuvenation


Candida Yeast Overgrowth


Candida Albicans Yeast is an opportunistic microorganism that resides in the body, mainly in the digestive tract, especially the colon. In most people there is a yeast overgrowth due to conditions that are conducive to it.

The reduction of friendly bacteria in the intestines, such as acidophilus and bifidus, has become widespread from use of antibiotics, chemical preservatives and alcohol, among other things.

With a lower level of these ”probiotic“ protectors, candida yeast expands its presence. In some people it occasionally manifests a noticeable yeast or fungal infection. When it appears, that is likely just the tip of the iceberg.

Carbohydrates, especially refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup and alcohol dramatically encourage yeast growth. In fact, it is common for yeast to spread beyond the intestines to other parts of the body.

When the yeast has overgrown significantly, it is called "candidiasis", the formal name for a candida yeast infection. This usually has noticeable negative effects on one's health.

Yeast cells are like little toxin factories. As they emit their waste products, they toxify and irritate tissues. There are many common candida symptoms and yeast infection symptoms.

Candida overgrowth drives a desire for the sweets it thrives on. It uses up blood sugar, generating hypoglycemic symptoms such as tiredness, fogginess, grogginess and anxiety.

Yeast also burns up magnesium, one of our most important minerals needed for energy production, calmness, muscles, nerves, good sleep and more.

candida, yeast, infection, fungus, tiredness, probiotics, health


Altered Brains and Reduced Intelligence


The brain and thoughts have a major effect on our health. Stressful and toxic influences interfere with the brain’s ability to function.

The quality of health is determined by what happens in the cells of the body guided by the brain, nerves and glands. If the cells have all the resources they need to produce energy, and not too much toxins and stress, health will be good.

However, we are being overwhelmed with public poisons and disturbing frequencies as well as self-toxification from poor food choices and waste accumulation in the colon.

We have been unknowingly exposed to many harmful influences most of our lives, small doses of toxins from pollution and chemicals in foods, medicines, water, air, home furnishings and household products that are contributing to diminished mental ability and a variety of degenerative diseases.

Our thinking and our health are eroded by radiation, agricultural, industrial, medical and food chemicals, as well as electromagnetic frequencies (emf) from cell phones and wifi transmissions.

It is crucial that a thorough program of detoxification be engaged periodically, including colon cleansing, fasting, pure water, oxygen, detox agents, dietary improvement, lymph movement, perspiration and support of our elimination systems.

Green foods and other raw foods provide antioxidants, enzymes, minerals and pigments lacking in the normal diet, that are needed to restore natural good health. Flaxseed is one of the most beneficial foods. Turmeric, edible algae, mushrooms, flower pollen and many herbs, are also especially powerful. Juicing concentrates the goodness of fruits and vegetables for easy digestion and use by the body.

brain, natural health, thinking, public poisons, detoxification


Greater Wisdom: Awakening to Reality


For most of us, what we think is reality is actually a combination of normalcy bias, mythology, propaganda and “psy op“. We are living in a giant mind control “psyence” experiment incorporating debt, drugs, distraction, dis-intelligence, deception, disturbance and distress.

To uncover true reality takes courage, dedication, awareness, intelligence, freedom, research, caring and love.

Understanding reality and sharing the power of loving awareness with others will spark a transformation in consciousness.

To survive the changes of the next several years, we need to develop strong community relationships through small support groups working together to learn, plan and prepare for making things better.

wisdom, reality, myth, propaganda, psy op, mind control, awareness


Greater Wisdom

“greater wisdom for making life better”


Greater Wisdom is a holistic philosophy about restoring natural health, improving intelligence, clarifying reality and expanding awareness. Clear mind awareness of reality with wisdom can dispel falsehood, manipulation and distress, protecting and making life better for creative living.

Holistic natural living with greater wisdom is the path for resolving the challenges of this era. Awareness of multiple dimensions of reality is essential for clearing issues of health, emotional disturbances, misunderstanding and conflict.

Holistic healing is mutually related with holistic loving. Our power of love serves the whole world. Loving awareness of what is really going on will clear the stress and fear that might arise in the face of life's challenges.

Understanding reality with the power of loving awareness will spark a transformation in consciousness. Every lesson learned or improvement accomplished by anyone makes the world better.

Changes, distractions and disruptions are occurring and may become more intense.

The awakening greater wisdom of natural health, critical examination, clarification of reality and growth in awareness needs shared widely as we express our love and caring for each other in this challenging time.

Now is the time to move with purpose.

reality, myth, propaganda, psy op, mind control, awareness, wisdom


Magnesium and Other Minerals


Minerals are the bottom line in nutrition. Most of them are needed for health. They cannot be created. They must be consumed.

Minerals are absolutely essential for the proper functioning of living organisms. Depleted minerals in the soils and our diet is a major reason for health problems. This is common due to chemical agriculture and processed food products.

Foods and their nutrients are made up of minerals organized in a vast array of compounds. These perform various needed tasks in the body, including repair and replacement of cells and tissues.

Magnesium is a key mineral for our health that is often overlooked with so much attention on calcium.

Calcium is the most prevalent mineral in the body and is often quite deficient. Most calcium supplements are poorly absorbed. At we have well-absorbed liquid ionic magnesium and trace minerals as well as amazingly well-absorbed calcium.

The quantity, quality and variety of both minerals and microbes in the soil our food grows in, as well as in the body, have a great bearing on health and longevity. Civilizations have risen and fallen based on failure to maintain healthy soil quality. That is now happening in North America.

Organic mineral nutrients from good soils and super foods and/or supplements with good absorption are needed to support the body‘s systems, our mental functions, our creative abilities and our culture.

Choose organically grown foods, herbs and super foods whenever possible, which usually means a good mineral content. If you have the opportunity to grow your own food, building soil rich in minerals, healthy bacteria and humic acids is the key to great success and benefits.

Ionic minerals are small charged particles the cells can use, found in organic foods and specially prepared supplements.

Super foods like organic milled flax seed, flower pollen extract and Delicious Greens 8000 offer a great variety of minerals and other needed nutrients in easily utilized food form. North Atlantic kelp is an excellent source of trace minerals, including iodine that is essential for the thyroid and the immune system.

Growing food for your household is wise, especially organically grown plants from non GMO, heirloom seeds. Plan your garden now and obtain heirloom seeds and the soil building materials to grow good food. Meanwhile, you can grow sprouts, lettuce and other crops indoors, or in a cold frame or a greenhouse, even in winter.

magnesium, minerals, calcium, deficiency, absorption, supplements, ionic


Better or Worse?


Change is a two way street, so to speak. Some things get better, some get worse. Complicating it more, what is better for one person may be worse for another.

What in the world is happening? What changes are or may be unfolding that are likely to effect our lives in the next several years in profound ways?

What are some of the important issues of these changes? What will effect our health, access to food and water, financial status or very survival?

How can we be better prepared to experience the challenges of these changes? What do we need to do to protect and improve our health? What can we do to modify the changes for the better?

change, health, food, water, financial, survival, prepare


Dodging the Dangers


There are multiple dangers facing our civilization that many people do not recognize as threats.

Public poisons have been harming us for years. Among these are geo-engineering sprays loaded with chemical and biological agents.

Vaccination is another major danger, a commercial myth, a falsified practice that serves the profit interests of the medical establishment. It also serves as a tool for the strategists of depopulation. We must learn to avoid this health-impairing toxic contamination of the body.

The immune system needs regular support to counter the modified viruses, bacteria, yeasts, molds and mycoplasma intended for forthcoming pandemics.

The electromagnetic frequencies of cell phones, wi-fi, smart meters and more are constantly stressing us, undermining health.

Other dangers we face include the debt that traps most folks under pressure and stress, the financial crash being set up to intensify the chaos, and the potential power outage from an EMP, cyber attack and/or major war that would destroy our society.

The first line of defense is awareness. Beyond that, these issues need to be discussed and preparations must be undertaken to protect ourselves.

public poisons, geo-engineering, vaccines, viruses, yeast, debt, financial crash, EMP


What is in Your Water?


The need for pure, high quality water is universal. Most of us are dehydrated and toxic, and vulnerable to unfavorable health conditions because of this.

Water is an amazing substance. Are you consuming enough? Adequate water intake is essential, but it needs purification of contaminants before consumption. Is your water pure enough?

If the cells of the body do not receive enough properly structured water, free of toxic chemicals, they will not function properly and may not live long.

Water and minerals are essential components of our life processes. However, the water piped into our homes needs corrected to be healthy. Poisons need to be removed with a water purifying system.

Raw tap water is a chemical cocktail that should not be consumed without purification. Chlorine, fluoride and other toxic chemicals are added by cities to the many pollutants already contaminating water. Glyphosate has been among the most used agricultural herbicides for years, and nearly everyone has toxic levels of it in the body.

Water pollution sources include agriculture, industry, medical waste, “fracking“, geo-engineering sprays and much more. Chlorine and fluoride are purposely, admittedly added public poisons that should not be in our water supply.

It is important to purify water with special filtration such as reverse osmosis to remove the poisons.

A combination of redox media with carbon and “corrected" reverse osmosis is the best method of purifying for home use. The water can be re-mineralized if needed to make it more alkaline.

Redox and carbon with a special fluoride removing media is also very good, often more practical, and less expensive. When combined with Ultrafiltration, it is even better.

water, fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, glyphosate, drugs, pharmaceuticals, reverse osmosis


What About Vaccinations?


“Have your children been vaccinated?” “Have you had your flu shot?”

Most of the population has been convinced to accept the idea of medical immunization of children as both necessary and required. The annual promotion of childhood vaccinations for school and flu shots for all ages is an agenda. What is the real motive?

Vaccines have living and dead viruses, some of them altered, toxic metals and other chemicals that can reduce intelligence, create terrible health problems like autism and shorten life. This and fluoridation are part of an agenda developed by the elitist powers that want a less intelligent, health-challenged population, while making profits for their medical tyranny.

“Immunization” is heavily promoted even though it is a toxic shock to the body. Some viruses and vaccines have been engineered on purpose for population reduction. The powers-that-be want to make vaccinations compulsory.

It is wise to avoid this ill-informed practice. Learn to support the immune system instead.

vaccination, flu shot, immunization, viruses, vaccine, autism


What Effects Climate Change?


The withdrawal of the USA from the Paris Agreement has spotlighted the issue of climate change. This could be an opportunity to really dig into this controversial issue to determine what is really happening.

The fact that most participants in the debate do not seem to recognize is that this is NOT “settled science“. There is no such thing. The proper scientific method is to continually research both new and old information and theories with improved discipline to clarify how things truly work, expanding our understanding.

Unfortunately, there are elitist powers in the world seeking to control almost everything, including us. These long-standing, excessively wealthy controllers fund the researchers and arrange for the manipulation of information, including raw data.

The blaming of normal human activities, such as breathing, heating and lighting our homes and driving our vehicles, as the cause of climate change, is a strategy of the TICK think tanks for imposing carbon taxes and justifying population reduction.

The primary contributors to climate change, which many scientists say is cooling overall rather than warming, are more likely the sun, the solar system and the related earth changes underway.

Some analysts of Atmospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering, the formal name for spraying aerosolized chemicals in our skies, believe that this spraying in the atmosphere is creating a greenhouse effect and causing methane release that threatens life on this planet.

Geo-engineering, also called “chemtrails“, has been done regularly for over 20 years since at least the mid 1990‘s. It has been unacknowledged officially, with a quiet cover story for low level insiders of countering “global warming“ or “climate change“ by “solar radiation management”.

In any case, these aerosol sprays are major “public poisons” and we need to protect ourselves with the natural health practices of relax, detox and nourish.

climate change, global warming, geoengineering, solar, weather


Anti-Aging Breakthrough


Your biological age can be younger or older than your chronological age. Aging primarily results from a disturbance in metabolism.

As we approach middle age, weakening glands cause our hormone levels to shift. Telomeres, the protective caps on the strands of DNA, tend to wear down and shorten.

The brain receives signals of a weakening, faltering biological system and goes into a gradual "shut-down" mode.

Now it is possible to improve almost every aspect of your body -- bone mass, muscle, long and short-term memory, healing time, organ function, physical activities -- and regain a youthful appearance -- by improving your metabolism and your body chemistry.

It is better to deal with the underlying causes of aging rather than trying to relieve each symptom by taking some type of medicine, especially a chemical one.

The most important keys to long healthy life are: detoxifying and alkalizing the body, reducing and healing damage by free radicals and parasites, maintaining the health of the telomeres that keep the ends of DNA strands from fraying, and supporting adequate stem cells, special cells that easily transform into the type needed for a particular tissue.

Contributing factors now considered important for slowing aging are: anabolic metabolism for effective restoration of the body's tissues and organs, antioxidants for neutralizing damaging free radicals, mild alkalinity, proper hormone balance and a strong immune system.

Associated with the character of metabolism is the pH of body fluids. "Potential hydrogen" (pH) is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a chemical environment using a scale of 1 (extremely acid) to 14 (extremely alkaline).

Further, your immune system can be strengthened. Your natural "killer cells" defend against viruses and cancer. If these can be built back to a strong presence, and your other immune functions bolstered, you will be less susceptible to illness and disease.

Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF) is an important group of proteins integral to muscle and nerve development and maintenance.

Better hormonal secretions from healthy glands would improve the signals to the brain so it does not go into the "shut-down" of the body, or stops this process if it is already in progress.

Instead of a degenerating, toxic flabby shell targeted to be phased out, a healthy body signals the brain to restore and/or maintain vigor, immunity, liver function, muscle tone, and sexual performance.

This is done by restoring and improving the cellular environment and renewing healthy anabolic metabolism. As a result, better health and longevity will be increased and continue for many years.

anti-aging, rejuvenation, youth, longevity, metabolism, telomeres, IGF


Major Causes of Illness


Despite the greater knowledge of how the body works and how to keep it healthy, almost everyone has issues of illness. The primary reasons for this are deficiency, public poisons, EMF’s, stress, dehydration, smoking and ignorance.

There are vested interests that want widespread illness, as it preoccupies and distracts people, while feeding the coffers of the medical-pharmaceutical industry, with the wealthy few as the major stockholders.

What needs done?

Correcting of deficiencies is a priority, such as quality fats, vitamin D, vitamin K, antioxidants, enzymes and many minerals such as magnesium, iodine and selenium.

Minimizing exposure to public poisons and EMF‘s, is critical, while organizing to stop spreading them and clean up the environment.

Methods of calming stress and resolving personal issues calmly and fairly are also needed.

All this requires the correcting of disinformation and ignorance.

deficiency, poisons, EMF‘s, stress, dehydration, smoking, ignorance


NEWS Review


Tour current NEWS events, articles and opinions with commentary by societal analyst, Jon Miller.

What in the world is happening? What changes are unfolding that are likely to effect our lives in the next several years? How can we be better prepared for the challenges of these changes?

NEWS, events, changes, challenges, preparedness


Ignorance and Illness


Lack of understanding adequate nutrition and ignorance of common exposure to toxic agents are the primary reasons for most illness.

Conventional thinking focuses on the “balanced diet” of protein, carbohydrates and fats through the food groups, now listed as: proteins (meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, beans, peas), dairy, grains, fruits and vegetables. Few people have been taught in their upbringing about even this degree of consideration about what to eat.

They talk about protein, carbs, fat and fiber! Why are vitamins, minerals, enzymes, pigments, phytonutrients and antioxidants not included in the official guidelines? Is it assumed that all these will be present in commercial food at the supermarket?

We are surrounded by public poisons and other detrimental influences such as EMF‘s. If the officials were really concerned about our health, they would at least let us know about all these poisons if not preventing them.

We deserve to know what harms us so that we can protect ourselves as well as we can. Super food nutrition is one of the ways of doing that. Other aspects of protection include thoughtful detoxification, EMF harmonizing devices and strategic preventive living.

ignorance, natural, health, illness, nutrition, public poisons, detoxification, super food


Swimming in the Electronic Sea


We are swimming in a sea of ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMF) from Wi-Fi, cell phones, cordless phones, computers, microwaves, smart meters and other electronic devices.

Our health is being undermined by modern day electronic conveniences. Use of these devices our population has become so dependent on has been linked to reducing intelligence, increasing various stress-related ailments and shortening life. We are subjecting ourselves to these external stressors day in and day out.

It is critical to learn to minimize exposure to EMF as well as public poisons, and ways of protecting ourselves as much as possible from the harmful effects.

Super foods and antioxidants are needed to strengthen and maintain health. Key knowledge, detoxification, a natural lifestyle, and protection from EMF fields are crucial to better health with the challenges we are facing. Learn and prepare with friends and neighbors to take care of our families.

EMF, ELF, wi-fi, microwaves, cell phones, radiation


A Sea of Frequencies: EMF, ELF, WiFi, Microwaves, . . .


We are living in a sea of frequencies, an electronic soup that is constantly impacting our health. The stress, mental disturbances and effects on physical health must not be ignored.

The modern day electronic conveniences our population has become dependent on are harming health, reducing intelligence and shortening life.

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and radiation (EMR), especially wifi and microwaves, emitted from cell phones, PDA's, Bluetooth headsets, microwave ovens and smart meters, and extremely low frequencies (ELF) from power lines and electronic devices, are known to compromise health and well-being.

Use of these devices has been linked to various stress-related ailments. We are subjecting ourselves to these external stressors day in and day out.

Prolonged and repeated exposure to aggressive EMF and ELF causes a measurable stress response, a negative shift in energy in the human bio-field. Additional studies have linked electromagnetic pollution to health concerns like fatigue and tension, as well as potentially much more dangerous conditions. 

Wi-fi radiation and EMF’s from cell phones, cordless phones, computers, smart meters and other electronic devices, serve the agenda of the social controllers. There is a coordinated plan to foster illness, apathy, stress, mental disorders and early death.

These frequencies may also be contributing to the loss of bees, needed pollinators for growing many crops.

Worse, these technologies are being used for comprehensive surveillance and mind control. Even worse, the frequency technologies are often integrated with the public poisons for greater effect.

Super foods and antioxidants are needed to strengthen and maintain health. Key knowledge, detoxification, a natural lifestyle, and protection from EMF fields are crucial to better health with the challenges we are facing. Learn and prepare with friends and neighbors to take care of our families.

EMF, ELF, wi-fi, microwaves, cell phones, radiation


Avoiding Toxins


We have been unknowingly exposed to many toxins most of our lives, small amounts of poisons from pollution and chemicals in foods, medicines, water, air, home furnishings and household products.

City water with chlorine and fluoride, food additives, medicines, household chemicals, GMOs, herbicides, pesticides, radiation, fracking, injection wells, geo-engineering spraying barium, aluminum and many more toxins, dumping of toxic waste into the ground, these are all common sources of the public poisons. One of the most intense exposures to toxins is in vaccinations.

The threat of a pandemic has been tested by authorities several times. Bio-weapons such as AIDS, Ebola and now the Zika virus, serve the elite agenda of depopulation and tyranny. The masses have been brainwashed to accept the false idea of vaccination of children as both necessary and required, even though it is an intelligence-reducing toxic shock to the body as are flu shots. The powers-that-be want to make immunization compulsory.

These poisons gradually accumulate and contribute to diminished mental ability and a variety of degenerative diseases. Our health is also eroded by electromagnetic frequencies (emf) from cell phones and wifi transmissions.

Our health is determined by what happens in the cells of the body. If they have all that they need to produce energy, and not too much toxins and stress, health will be good.

It is essential to support the body in general with outstanding nourishment, including phytonutrients from super foods, antioxidants, and support for the immune system with silver and other help, while working to expose vaccination and resist it being mandatory and enforced.

toxins, poison, immunity, vaccinations, flu shots, pharma, medicine




To remain healthy and clear minded in a toxic world requires moving beyond ignorant mistaken assumptions to learn detailed knowledge of self-protection. Teaching our children, other relatives and friends about this is essential as well.

Many of us are coming to understand that there are public poisons in our food, air, water, home, car, etc. We have been unknowingly exposed to these most of our lives. They lower IQ, weaken the immune system and harm health. How can we protect ourselves?

Nutritional deficiency makes us more vulnerable to disease. With the lack of real nutrients in today’s common foods, consuming highly nutritious, protective super foods is crucial to good health in today’s poison environment. Antioxidants are nutrients that counter harmful free radicals and protect cells and tissues from oxidation damage.

It is crucial that detoxification be engaged periodically. The liver must be healthy to do a good job of cleaning the blood. The lungs, kidneys, colon and skin are also involved in the elimination process and need to function well.

A thorough detox program including colon cleansing, pure water, detox agents, periodic intentional cleansing of the organs of elimination, dietary improvement, lymph movement and perspiration is crucial to help the cells be healthy.

super foods, antioxidants, nutrition, detoxification, infrared




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