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Hidden Factors


In the psyche, in society, in business and in world affairs there are hidden factors that affect us.

Unconscious elements significantly influence our thought, emotions and behavior. For example, unresolved trauma and fear can cause a preoccupation with personal issues and upsets, impairing one’s ability to complete plans and projects.

Secret knowledge has long been utilized for strategic purposes of gaining or maintaining control over people. Those who analyze and develop understanding of human nature may use this knowledge to help or to hinder others’ progress.

Where does the interest or drive for power arise? Separation thinking, doubt, fear, desire and greed are some of the dynamics of those who pursue dominance.

The ego function is that of organizing and delivering one’s project or presentation to be recognized. The level of recognition one achieves determines the degree of power. The ego of one in power can get out of hand in strategizing for greater control, as with one seeking power.

Maintaining power for an extended time often involves hidden methods of deception and manipulation, including propaganda. If those lose effectiveness brute force may be employed by some in charge who have little compassion for others.

In my philosophy, the purpose of life is learning and growing in wisdom, love and caring for others. We can heal and release our traumas and fears, detoxify, nourish ourselves, avoid sources of hypnotic manipulation, share knowledge and prepare together for protecting ourselves from the public poisons, while planning improvement of our world.

hidden, secret, unconscious, unknown, shadow


Toxins and Acid-Alkaline Balance


The acid-alkaline balance is a crucial consideration in health. Illness usually develops in an overly acidic body. There are many factors that can contribute to acidity.

Stress and anxiety create acid body fluids. The waste byproducts of many of the foods that are commonly eaten are acidic. Toxins usually are acidic. With all the public poisons in our lives, most of us are toxic.

You can easily test your urine with pH strips to determine the status of acid/alkaline balance.

Relaxing, detoxifying and choosing alkaline forming foods and minerals will help improve the body’s pH. Most vegetables and fruits are alkaline as an end result of metabolism. On the other hand, meats, dairy products, wheat and most other grains are acid forming.

Most toxins have an extra positively charged proton. Unstable protons are free radical ions seeking a mate. Excess protons need to be countered with available negative electrons. Antioxidants provide electrons that can stabilize free radical toxins.

Most of the chemicals added to public water are acidic and positively charged. If one uses reverse osmosis to purify the water, it removes the chemicals, but this process removes minerals also, lowering the pH of the water even more.

It is important to re-mineralize RO water or distilled water to alkalize It. Consuming water alkalized with minerals will gradually raise total pH. On the other hand, alkalizing should not be done to an extreme.

acid, alkaline, toxins, antioxidants, pH, minerals


Growing Awareness


A transformation in consciousness is underway. This awakening is widely needed in this time of challenge.

Expanding awareness involves perception, open mindedness, natural health, holistic healing, mutual support and developing the tools of awareness. Educating oneself and raising awareness are crucially important, especially at this time.

Mental health could become a major issue, especially if there is a financial failure, a power outage, an interruption in deliveries and a struggle to get food to eat. Social chaos would make city life unbearable with serious mental instability.

Do you realize there is a non-disclosure policy for much of what is done by those in control? Are you aware that disinformation is sometimes presented by officials and the media?

Have you heard that experimentation has been done on large groups of people without their knowledge? Can you believe there is a policy of disseminating multiple small dose public poisons for the purpose of population control?

Recovering good health involves learning about natural health, detoxification and holistic healing methods, as well as expanding awareness and developing community.

The keys of natural wisdom and holistic healing are: 1) relaxing stress and tension, while cultivating a positive attitude of wellness; 2) detoxification of the toxins from poor digestion, imbalanced metabolism and public poisons; 3) life supporting nutrition with organic foods, super foods, high quality herbs, antioxidants, alkalization, pure water and extra oxygen. Good exercise is a crucial aspect of this process.

awareness, consciousness, healing, caring, transformation, growth,

natural health, holistic healing, personal growth, love, community


Eating Well for Natural Good Health


One of the pillars of good natural health is eating well. Organically grown natural foods and super foods are the essential selections for eating wisely and building good health.

Especially valuable choices are seeds, sprouts and a combination of fresh produce items, ideally from one’s own garden. GMO and highly processed food products harm health and engender disease.

Organic milled flaxseed, green super foods, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals from various super foods and herbs, as well as pure water, are very valuable. Herbs and minerals to support the immune system, calming relaxation and deep sleep are important as well.

Minerals are essential to the health of living organisms. Deficiency of minerals is common due to chemical agriculture. Minerals are normally restored to soil with organic farming. Choose organically grown food whenever possible.

Growing your own food for your household is wise, especially organically grown plants from non GMO, heirloom seeds. Plan your garden now and obtain heirloom seeds and the soil building materials to grow good food. Meanwhile, you can grow sprouts, lettuce and other crops indoors, or in a cold frame or a greenhouse until the outdoor temp is suitable.

It is important to work with friends and relatives to prepare for issues in food availability that may be coming.

natural foods, super foods, antioxidants, green foods, herbs, garden


Spring Cleansing


Detoxification is one of the three essential pillars of natural health wisdom. The cells of the body need removal of toxins, intake of a large range of nutrients and oxygen and relaxation of stress to function well for good health.

We are being overwhelmed with public poisons in our food, air, water, home, car, etc., as well as self-toxification from poor food choices and waste accumulation in the colon that is reabsorbed and recycled, irritating tissues and deteriorating organs.

It is crucial that detoxification be engaged periodically. Spring is a season of transition, a valuable time for cleansing the toxins accumulated during the commonly less active time of winter.

A periodic thorough program of cleansing with herbs and good fiber, pure water, oxygen, detox agents, dietary improvement, lymph movement and perspiration is crucial to be healthy.

The liver must be fairly clean to do a good job of removing toxins from the blood. The lungs, kidneys, colon and skin are also involved in the elimination process and need to function well.

Activated charcoal, bentonite clay, aerobic exercise and a far infrared sauna are important health tools to utilize routinely. Perspiration is an effective mode of elimination.

Far Infrared Ray is a safe and beneficial part of the light spectrum. Warming to the point of sweating out toxins in a FIR sauna is a valuable support of good health.

detoxification, toxins, cleansing, liver, charcoal, clay


Whole Self Health


The philosophy of natural wisdom and the natural health protocol of relax - detoxify - nourish, applies on all levels. The whole self includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of both the individual and society.

The concept of “holistic health” was developed in the 1970’s. Greater understanding of the effect of mental and emotional states on physical health and vice versa was explored.

Better improvement in well-being is achieved in attending to “whole self health“. Better health on every level of our being is the purpose of it.

The real self is the center of our awareness and the individual agent of our natural wisdom. That wisdom is enhanced by shared knowledge and experience. One’s self can be the guide for our process of life improvement.

For example, relaxing both tension and the concern for what stresses us leads to a calmer approach to life. Reviewing past problems and traumas with an attitude of acceptance, forgiveness, learning and gratitude, helps us move on to new experiences with less impairment from recycling our past disturbances.

At the same time, detoxification needs to occur on the mental-emotional and etheric-spiritual levels as well as the physical. Similarly, nourishment is essential for all aspects of our nature to have a long well life.

natural, holistic, health, self, relax, detoxify



Spring Garden


It is time in the northern hemisphere for preparing to plant many vegetable seeds and plants.

On the brink of potential disruptions that could interfere with the food distribution system, growing your own organic food is now essential.

Organically grown natural foods and super foods rich in antioxidants and enzymes are the essential selections for eating wisely and building good health.

Begin with sprouting seeds indoors for a head start on plants that should not be outside until past the likelihood of frost. Select non-GMO heirloom seeds to sow or start plants. GMO and highly processed food products harm health and engender disease.

Meanwhile, you can prepare the location for planting. This could be in soil when the ground is workable, in containers that can then be placed outside in an ideal location when the time comes, or in straw bales.

Feed the soil properly with well-composted matter and minerals for a healthy organic garden.

Plan to save food and seeds for the future, while researching and applying permaculture concepts. The quantity, quality, variety and balance of minerals, microbes and worms in the soil our food grows in, have a great bearing on our health and longevity.

Plant items now that can grow well in little peat pots, egg cartons, etc., such as lettuce, radishes, kale and other crops that prefer it a little cooler.

With straw bales, raised beds or container gardening, some of these can also be grown using a tarp, tent, cold frame, shed with windows or a greenhouse, getting a good jump on the growing season. With heating, some crops can even be done in winter weather. Sprouts of beans, alfalfa seeds, etc. can be grown in the kitchen year round.

At this time when survival could depend on our skills of growing and preserving food and accessing and purifying water, cooperative preparedness in a community support system is very important.

garden, natural foods, organic, GMO, seeds, compost, permaculture, preparedness



Economic Reality


The economic reality is that we are on the edge of a shocking collapse. Well-respected economists who are not in public propaganda positions say this economic collapse is currently in progress in much of the world, especially Europe and Venezuela. Can it be transformed by a beneficial reset of currencies and trade procedures?

The U.S. economy has never fully recovered since the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the crash of 2008. Real unemployment/under-employment is worse now than during the Great Depression. The tweaked numbers and false claims of recovery are propaganda to the brainwashed masses. Many jobs have moved overseas. ¼ of U.S. working age people have no full time job. Half the population receives government payments for financial support.

Deep analysts alert that the global power cabal is orchestrating the downfall of Western economies. Many governments, businesses and households are already stretched thin financially in attempting to pay for necessities and service their debt.

The dollar, which is no longer exclusively used in the oil trade, is losing its world status. Other currencies are increasingly being used internationally.

The current phase of the long term plan of the shadow cabal is the breaking up of sovereign nations and creating conditions to c global financial and government system.

The implementation of this strategy of dominance over the last 150 years by secret society, banking and corporate interests, has employed financial, political and military systems, deception, propaganda, social engineering, mass mind control, public poisons, advanced technology and false flag actions to bring about a high tech global tyranny.

The next step may be the downfall of debt-based currency, particularly the dollar. The dollar’s strength has been maintained a while longer as a “safe haven” for money to be parked around the world during a time of economic uncertainty, while the markets have been sustained by manipulation.

While homes are selling in some areas, rising interest rates are expected to slow the housing market. A collapse would crash property values as few would have access to financing.

Although the stock market has been achieving new highs and the rise in prices of precious metals has temporarily halted, the price of oil has held at over $50 a barrel, which helps sustain the dollar for the time being.

These are all false values. It is expected that the bubbles will be popping soon, perhaps in conjunction with the planned organized extreme protests in the Spring. A trigger that sets off a financial crash could result in closing banks, plummeting stock prices, locking of bond redemptions and wiping out of paper assets, spreading like a fire. It will be fed by the exposure of banks, companies and governments to the ridiculous derivative contracts on sub-prime assets.

There is speculation that there may be a major disaster event either known to be forthcoming, possibly planned, that could serve as a cover for the financial crash no matter what the trigger.

The orchestrated migration of refugees from the middle east, who are being difficult to manage, are exacerbating the financial crisis in Europe and soon may in the U.S. Now the hostilities seem to be bringing on World War III. Earth changes may also contribute to the chaos.

There is little time for completing preparedness for the economic changes already underway.

economic collapse, debt, dollar, currency, control, global reset



Super Foods Slow Aging


High quality super foods provide needed minerals and phyto-nutrients to cells and help slow the aging process.

Consuming a variety of organic and wild super foods provides needed trace minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and pigments that are missing yet crucially needed.

Natural health and a long well life are about relaxation of tension, detoxification of poisons and provision of all needed nutrients.

super foods, nutrition, detoxification, minerals, enzymes



Hidden By Distraction


The more important issues and potential crises are being hidden behind an array of distractions.

Politics, government, financial markets, weather, domestic and international issues, celebrities, sports, violence, accidents and disasters - these subjects are the common fare of the controlled media news cycles. Then you have the movies, television programs, sports events, concerts, awards presentations, etc.

Some of this is entrainment entertainment, “NEWS” and events of little value for which we have been programmed to have an interest. Some of it is trauma programming to incite, build and maintain fear regarding the serious problems of our world. Much of this involves false or distorted narratives.

In any case, the world planners are gradually building the ignorance, confusion, and chaos, while attacking us with public poisons and expanding the institutional bureaucracies and control technologies to guide people to the intended assumptions and behaviors.

All this also serves to distract us from significant social changes that have been developed on purpose, or possibly earth changes that are known to be forthcoming but withheld from the public.

The backdoor intention for this programming is to reduce intelligence and foster ignorance. If there is a looming disaster that has been identified but kept quiet, the front door reasoning may be that people might panic, leading to social breakdown. The secret plan is to utilize disaster to generate social chaos and radically eliminate population, as well as to restructure social organization under worldwide, technological, full spectrum, dominant control.

distraction, ignorance, chaos, changes, control



The Cancer Crisis


Cancer has become an epidemic even though it is preventable. It does not come out of the blue. The problem is due to a combination of ignorance and unhealthy conditions.

The cancer crisis has been created by the increase of stress and toxins in our lives, with the simultaneously decrease in the quality of the food supply. Cancer and every other degenerative disease result from the underlying conditions of the universal illness, distress of the organism, which is eroding health over time with tension, toxicity and malnutrition.

Stress and tension result from the deep debt rat race lifestyle that the system has set up for us. People ignorant of natural health care have very poor nutritional habits. The strongest influence on the incidence of cancer though, is toxicity.

Public poisons are effecting all of us. They are dispersed into our lives intentionally, in the water, the food, the air and many of our home furnishings and household products.

These conditions put the body in a chronically distressed state. Then the body sputters and limps along without the immune strength and resiliency to overcome the deterioration of degenerative illness, especially cancer.

Those who turn to the medical establishment for help are ripped off financially and physically until the end. The fear, stress and poisoning from entering the cancer industry’s realm makes it much more difficult to eliminate the cancer.

To cancel cancer, it is crucial to become aware of effective methods of calming stress, the sources of real nutrition, detoxification and how to avoid the vast array of public poisons as much as possible.

Relax, detoxify and nourish, this is essential to counter cancer. It is important to include extra oxygen, antioxidants and alkalization. At the same time, pursuing one’s life purpose with an affirmative loving attitude is very beneficial.

cancer, public poisons, oxygen, antioxidants, alkaline



The Critical Concerns of the Next Few Years


We are in one of the most critical times in known human history. There are a number of important concerns that must be resolved or life as we have known it will be seriously disrupted over the next few years.

The most pressing concern is loss of health, fertility and the ability to think due to the public poisons that have been gradually harming us for decades. These include: fluoride, mercury, aluminum, estrogen mimickers, geo-engineering, GMOs, radiation, Pharma medicines, EMFs and more. These are rapidly reducing intelligence and fertility and undermining health.

A more immediate devastating impact could be generated by an intentional pandemic, an economic collapse, an EMP or CME that shuts down the power grid, atmospheric or environmental catastrophe, and social chaos and the restrictions that may follow.

Among the worst scenarios are widespread destruction from military actions including war, a major planetary disaster such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, falling meteors or an impact of a larger body. There may be a coming disaster known to insiders that is not being revealed to the public.

Learn to have a better chance of survival of such events by preparing and forming a mutual support group with friends.

fluoride, GMOs, radiation, economic collapse, EMP



Harm from Cell Phones and WiFi


The modern day electronic conveniences our population has become dependent on are harming health, reducing intelligence and shortening life.

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and radiation (EMR), especially microwaves, emitted from cell phones, PDA's, Bluetooth headsets and other electronic devices are known to compromise health and well-being. Use of these devices has been linked to various stress-related ailments. We are subjecting ourselves to these external stressors day in and day out.

Prolonged and repeated exposure to aggressive EMF and EMR causes a measurable stress response, a negative shift in energy in the human bio-field. Additional studies have linked electromagnetic pollution to health concerns like fatigue and tension, as well as potentially much more dangerous conditions. 

Wi-fi radiation and electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones, computers, smart meters and other electronic devices, are all part of the depopulation agenda to foster illness, apathy, stress, mental disorders and early death. They may also be contributing to the loss of bees, needed pollinators for growing many crops.

Worse, these technologies are being used for comprehensive surveillance and mind control.

Super foods and antioxidants are needed to strengthen and maintain health. Key knowledge, detoxification, a natural lifestyle, and protection from EMF fields are crucial to better health with the depopulation challenges we are facing. Learn and prepare with friends and neighbors to take care of our families.



Restoring & Preserving Health in Unhealthy Times


To be healthy in unhealthy times depends on learning and pursuing good natural health practices.

A lack of nutrients, poor choices of low quality foods, public poisons, stress and inadequate knowledge have caused epidemics of heart disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes. Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, dementia, Alzheimer’s and more.

Good natural health comes from relaxation of stress, detoxification of the body, and eating a diet of truly natural foods. The digestive system may need help with cleansing and to function correctly.

Organically grown natural foods and super foods rich in antioxidants and enzymes are the essential selections for eating wisely and building good health. Especially valuable choices are seeds, sprouts and a combination of fresh produce items, ideally from one’s own garden. GMO and highly processed food products harm health and engender disease.

Organicaly grown seeds, such as amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa, alfalfa, beans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and milled flaxseed are very valuable “embryonic foods”. Green foods, antioxidants and enzymes from various super foods and herbs, plus minerals, are also critical. Probiotics and other support for the immune system and pure water are important as well.

Minerals are essential to the health of living organisms. Deficiency of minerals is common due to chemical agriculture. Minerals are normally restored to soil with organic farming. Choose organically grown food whenever possible.

Growing food for your household is wise, especially organically grown plants from non GMO, heirloom seeds. Plan your garden now and obtain heirloom seeds and the soil building materials to grow good food. Meanwhile, you can grow sprouts, lettuce and other crops indoors, or in a cold frame or a greenhouse, even in winter.

Each of us needs to learn as much as we can about how to take care of our health, and to gather the super foods, herbs, antioxidants and other supplies to do so. It is urgent to draw on these resources to get as healthy as possible for wellness in challenging times.



Avoiding the Hidden Poisons


There are serious public poisons in and around us that are hidden from our awareness. We must learn about these and do what we can to minimize our exposure while strongly supporting our health.

The heavy metal contaminated vaccinations, the fluoride and chlorine added to our city water, the toxic geo-engineering aerosols being sprayed in the atmosphere, the genetically modified crops (GMO) with the toxic glyphosate herbicide used with them, the excessive radiation still streaming from Fukushima, Japan, and the harmful frequencies of cell phones and wifi, are just some of the toxic influences that threaten all life on our planet.

A sinister cabal of wealthy world planners is intensifying their depopulation agenda. By design, their toxic influences are used to reduce intelligence, impair fertility, generate diseases and shorten lives.

IQ is estimated to have diminished by 10 to 20 points, fertility is a growing issue, health problems are increasing and average lifespan is now shortening.

It is crucial to learn how to protect ourselves as best we can while organizing locally to get these harmful activities stopped. Local referendums or initiatives to ban aerosol spraying are being included on election ballots in various cities by gathering signatures and submitting a petition. Fracking, injection wells, dumping of toxic waste into the ground and other common sources of public poisons, such as fluoride in city water and GMOs could be banned similarly.



Love Yourself, Love Your Health


They say that loving others is an outgrowth of loving oneself. This is not about ego - enhancing one’s public image. It is about self-nurture and pursuing natural health -- taking good care of yourself. This involves expanding our knowledge beyond the false concepts of establishment information.

Understanding the principles of natural wisdom is needed to recover and preserve good health. This entails learning about natural health, detoxification and holistic healing methods, as well as expanding awareness and developing community.

The keys of natural wisdom are: 1) relaxing stress and tension, while cultivating a positive attitude of wellness; 2) detoxification and avoidance of the toxins from poor digestion, imbalanced metabolism and public poisons; 3) life supporting nutrition with organic foods, super foods, high quality herbs, antioxidants, alkalization, pure water and extra oxygen.

Good exercise helps relax, detoxify and build. Educating oneself and raising awareness are needed for this.

It is especially critical to stop the dissemination of public poisons and clean up our environment, from home to planet. We need to develop strong community relationships through small support groups working together to learn, plan and prepare for making things better.



Population Changes


What are the projected population changes in the next 10 years or so? It is very important to prepare immediately.

For example, the current 320 million population of the united States of America may be reduced to about 61 million by 2025 according to the current projections of statistics at the military site,

Analysis of demographics, economic realities, a potential pandemic, possible earth changes, war and other hostile actions, public poisons and especially the radiation from Fukushima, suggests that the population in many nations may be changing dramatically.

Will a combination of death, destruction and migration cause almost 80% of the U.S. population to go away?

Prepare now to survive the changes that may unfold by accumulating needed items and forming support group of close friends, relatives and associates.



The Brain - Intelligence or Dementia?


The brain is under attack from public poisons as well as hypnotic media and psychological programming. This is one of the most serious issues we face. These ubiquitous toxins reduce intelligence, undermine health and shorten life. Autism, dementia and erratic behavior are epidemic.

At the same time, poor quality foods and diminished digestion result in inadequate proteins important for needed brain compounds such as serotonin and dopamine.

Children are pumped with vaccines from infancy . Mind numbing, cancer causing fluoride has been in most public water supplies in the U.S. for over 60 years. There are thousands of additives in commercial food products, such as Aspartame. More than 2/3 of the U.S. population is on some type of pharmaceuticals drug. Geo-engineering chemtrails fill the skies multiple days a week.

We have been unknowingly exposed to many poisons most of our lives, small doses of toxins from pollution and chemicals in foods, medicines, water, air, home furnishings and household products that are contributing to diminished mental ability and a variety of degenerative diseases. Electromagnetic frequencies (emf) from cell phone and wifi transmissions are factors also.

More and more people are coming to understand that this attack is intentional. This disintelligence/depopulation agenda of the world corporate controllers, reduces peoples intelligence while feeding the coffers of their medical industry.

More than 2/3 of the U.S. population is on some type of routine drug. GMOs are very difficult to avoid, especially without labeling.

Learn how to detoxify the body, avoid vaccinations and protect your health from all the toxic influences. A nutritional supplement for the brain contains Huperzine A and ginkgo biloba among other ingredients. It protects the acetylcholine and supports brain function.

Other antioxidants, super foods, herbs, essential oils, minerals and other natural nutrients are also important. Key knowledge, detoxification, a natural lifestyle and emf protection are also crucial to better health and intelligence with the depopulation challenges we are facing.



Survive The Changes


Serious changes are in progress that will alter life as we know it. There are signs of crisis all around us, including an alarming degeneration of society.

Economic manipulation has effected us for more than a century bringing us to the edge of financial collapse. The Earth is changing dramatically, partly on purpose with public poisons, geo-engineering, genetic modification and other advanced technologies.

Digging deeper, vaccine propaganda, radiation, staged events, rumblings of world war, tracking cameras in cities and on highways all should be of great concern. There is also the possibility of a power outage by EMP.

Preparedness is the issue of our time. Food storage, pure water and safe shelter in a cooperative community support system with neighbors and friends are very important.




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