What Customers Have To Say

About EZorb


"My name is Cindy. I don't usually sing praises but I feel I owe it to you this time. My daughter Maria bought me a bottle of EZorb on my birthday. I had been on Fosamax and had to deal with all the side effects. My stomach was constantly in pain. I thought I would have to live the rest of my life with Fosamax. I was really scared every time I took it. Thanks to EZorb I no longer need Fosamax. My recent bone density results have shown steady improvement. This is wonderful."


-Granny Cindy, SD



"I had an operation to remove kidney stones years ago. My doctor prohibits me taking any calcium supplements. Six months ago my doctor told me I had osteoporosis. He asked me to reduce activity otherwise I ran the risk of bone fracture. For a couple of months I was living a life like house arrest. During the time I did a lot of research and decided to try EZorb. I am very pleased with the bone scan results. So is my doctor. He now recommends EZorb to his other patients."


-Lora Harris, Canada




"From July to August last year the arthritis pain on my right knee got worse. The swollen joint on my right knee was almost twice the size of the normal one. I was rushed to the emergency room twice during the period. Needless to say how much pain I was suffering. What really bothered me was that the doctor told me I had no other options but surgery if the combination of glucosamine and anti-inflammatory medication still wouldn't improve my condition within months.


During a weekend visit in August my in-law Jim told me he and his wife Linda were using EZorb. Jim used it for the osteoarthritis on his wrists and Linda had been using EZorb for osteoporosis. Jim insisted that I try the bottle he bought for me. I was in so much pain that I would try anything. But frankly I didn't have high expectation for EZorb because I had tried too many supplements, many of which seemed working for a short period of time and then lost their touch. Bottom line - it wouldn't hurt. That's how I started taking EZorb. I still took the prescribed pain-relief medication but stopped taking glucosamine and chondroitin.


About a month later I noticed that the swelling was getting away and soon I found myself cutting down on the pain-relief medication. Another month went by the swelling and inflammation had completely gone. By the end of the third month, I was pain-free and decided to quit taking pain-relief medications which I lived with for the past three years. My knee has grown back to normal.


Thank God I'm once again living a normal life. I can move, I can bend over, I can even run, without PAIN! I've never given up on myself and I knew I would be saved. This time it was EZorb. Undoubtedly it restored the cartilage in my joint and filled it up with the collagen. Joy! Thank you for the wonderful product. To my fellow Americans who are suffering from arthritis pain, don't lose your faith and keep an open mind."


-Dan Simons, OH



"Thank you so much for your advice. For the first 2 months I took EZorb along with Aspirin and gradually reduced Aspirin intake. Now I'm on EZorb alone. Finally got rid of Aspirin. And my arthritis pain's gone. Thanks again!"


-Matt Landon, TX



"I've been on EZorb for 5 months. Before that I used CMO, glucosamine and pain relievers. The pain always came back. Now I believe only EZorb gets to the root cause of arthritis pain. I don't feel the pain any more. My joints are more smooth. I don't hear the clicking any more."


-Dave Lewis, SC



"I'm 63-years-old. I was diagnosed osteoporosis years ago. I was using calcium citrate per doctor's recommendation. It never worked on me somehow. The situation just kept getting worse. Now I'm using EZorb. My doctor told me my bone density has increased 27% from where I was 5 months ago. I will definitely recommend EZorb Calcium to anyone in my situation..."


-Robert Spalding, KS



"I'm 54. I would love to share my testimonial with any women at my age. I had some very bad experience with post-menopause symptoms. I had gone through sessions of estrogen replacement therapy which never really helped. My friend Jacky gave me a bottle of EZorb Calcium about 2 months ago. I started to feel the difference the very next day and have been taking it ever since. I felt I had a lot more energy and all the post- menopause uneasiness were gone. My husband Brant and my daughter Lindsey also felt the changes in me. They noticed that I am a more pleasant person. I even returned to the gym with Lindsey last week. EZorb Calcium has turned my life around."


-Julie Peterson, MA



"I'm a mother of two. Ashley is 13 and Brandon is 12. I have been feeding them calcium supplements I bought from a nearby nutrition store since neither of them drink milk. I noticed that Ashley and Brandon were growing slower than their peers. My husband Mark is 6-2 and I'm 5-10. I took them to the Doctor for examinations. Test results showed my kids suffered from calcium deficiency. I started looking for the best source of calcium. Luckily I found EZorb. It worked out very well. Ashley and Brandon are catching up...I can feel the difference it makes. I myself started taking EZorb Calcium. I feel great."


-Shelley Wilson, CA



"My son Alexander was born last Tuesday. I want to share my joy with every woman in pregnancy. My blood pressure had been quite high during the pregnancy. As a result Alexander suffered from a severe complication. My doctor told me my baby and I needed a lot of calcium and he prescribed liquid calcium, which didn't work on us for some reason. I felt so helpless. My husband Trevor spent the entire weekend surfing the Internet and finally he bought two bottles of EZorb Calcium. Alex's situation got better ever since and I felt great too. My appetite came back and I felt I had more energy to move around. EZorb Calcium saved my child's life. God bless you."


-Diana Watkins, MN



"I've been overweight for quite a while. I started to feel that my bones were overloaded about a year ago. I'd been looking for a calcium supplement that would work on me ever since. I had tried and given up on at least a dozen until I settled down on EZorb Calcium. I feel my body is lighter and my move is much quicker. My blood pressure is also down. I don't have breathing problems any more. This is fantastic."


-John Irvine, WI



"I'm in my seventies.  I've had osteoporosis for over a decade. Afraid of fracture I had to minimize movement. I'd tried most of the calcium supplements available. Nothing seemed effective. My niece Amy recommended EZorb Calcium to me. I'm on it for several months now. I can feel my bone is getting stronger...."


-Robin Fox, Washington DC